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quick kale chips recipe, easy kale chip snack recipe, after school snacks for kids, healthy snack ideas, easy family food from daisies and pie

Kale chips

Kale and kids don't ever go hand in hand.... but.... if you make a big tub of kale chips it's a whole different story. Kale chips are very moreish and just the right type of 'picky' size for little children to munch on. They're great served … [Read More...]

homemade natural window cleaner, how to make your own window cleaning solution, natural homekeeping remedies, green cleaning, homekeeping from daisies and pie

Homemade natural window cleaner

Cleaning the home with minimal chemicals is something that has always appealed to me. This is the homemade natural window cleaner recipe I use on the windows inside the house, mirrors, glass surfaces and tiles. It keeps them super shiny and sparkling … [Read More...]

immune booster smoothie, smoothie with spinach, superfood smoothie for kids, easy family food, daisies and pie

Immune booster smoothie

With all the bugs around at this time of year it can't harm to give the immune system a kick with our gorgeous green smoothie. Packed with fresh spinach, kiwi and live yogurt our super smoothie is not only delicious but it's the only way yet I've … [Read More...]

how to make homemade festive gift wrap, easy christmas craft, handmade christmas project, daisies and pie

Simple stylish homemade festive gift wrap

Super easy, super stylish homemade gift wrap. Our easy tutorial shows you how to create a stylish individual homemade gift wrap which will make your presents look extra lovely. You will need: Ink stamp with festive design - we chose … [Read More...]

quick muffin pizza recipe, meal ideas for kids, recipes for kids to cook, easy family food, daisies and pie

Quick muffin pizzas

  A super quick tea time treat and one to get the kids helping with the cooking. A really quick kid-friendly recipe. These mini muffin pizzas topped with pesto tuna, mozzarella and cheddar with a squirt of ketchup take only minutes to … [Read More...]

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How to clean the kitchen sink, easy way to clean the kitchen sink, homekeeping checklist, housework checklist, homekeeping from Daisies and Pie

How to clean your kitchen sink

Keeping your stainless steel kitchen sink clean and shiny needn't be a big effort - just a couple of minutes a day will keep it fresh and clean. Step 1 - every use After every use - quickly wipe … [Read More...]

easy housework routine, housework routine UK, housework checklist, housework checklist UK, easy housework routine, homekeeping UK, homekeeping schedule, housework schedule, home keeping UK, Daisies and Pie

My easy housework routine

If you want to live in a clean and organised house then there’s only one thing for it.... clean it and organise it! A good housework routine may take up some of your time each day to complete but for … [Read More...]

weekly housework routine checklist, weekly housework chores checklist, weekly housework checklist, homekeeping checklists, homekeeping UK, housework schedule, homemaking, daisies and pie

Weekly housework checklist

Here’s the weekly housework chores that help me keep on top of running a family home and hectic family life! Follow our simple housework routines and I'm sure you'll be organised and loving it in no … [Read More...]

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white chocolate and cranberry cookie recipe

White chocolate & cranberry cookies

These delicious white chocolate & cranberry cookies are just perfect for elevenses-time during the cold winter months.  These lovely cookies also make a great standby Christmas gift and look so … [Read More...]