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How to declutter your home

It always feels good to stay on top of the clutter. A clutter free home is much easier to live in and with the house for sale I'm ALL about clutter busting. Here's my top tips for decluttering your home. Pick just one room to start in. Pick … [Read More...]

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Slow cooker BBQ mince with beans

  Now that the house is up for sale cooking has kind of taken a back seat. The house is super clean, the kitchen is super clean and I want it to stay that way. I want nice easy tidy cooking so that my house stays 'viewer ready'. Cue the … [Read More...]

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It’s all change…

It's all change here at Daisies & Pie towers. We've had a super busy summer plotting, planning, organising and dreaming and eventually.... the decision was made to move house. (insert a big squeeeeeeeee here). This isn't just a little move a … [Read More...]

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Green goddess dressing

A fresh zingy glorious green goddess salad dressing. The perfect topping to a chicken or prawn salad and also pretty damn good scooped up on tortilla chips.... don't judge me! Green goddess dressing is super simple to make, just a matter of … [Read More...]

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Mousehole or the Cornish way Mowzel

Mousehole or the Cornish way "Mowzel" is a place I've wanted to visit since reading the children The Mousehole Cat story written by Antonia Barber. The Mousehole Cat is a delightful story inspired … [Read More...]

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