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spicy falafel recipe, how to make falafel, quick dinner idea, falafel and salad, easy family food from daisies and pie

Spicy falafels

Spicy falafels make a nice meat free addition to a summery salad, are great stuffed into pitta breads with shredded carrots and cabbage and drizzled in a yogurt dressing or just as a snack served with … [Read More...]

greek chicken salad recipe, greek salad recipe, quick chicken salad recipe, quick meal ideas, easy family food from daisies and pie

Greek chicken salad

Super quick Greek chicken salad is a tasty healthy meal ideal for busy weeknights. This is a traditional Greek style salad but with added chicken and it tastes just great! Take a large bowl and … [Read More...]

how to clean house plants, how to remove dust from house plants, homekeeping from daisies and pie

How to clean house plants

House plants are dust magnets. Even in the space of just a few weeks they become covered in dust and look a mess. The best way to clean plants is in the shower. They love a shower. You'll need a … [Read More...]


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beginner guide to internet of things, IoT at home, smart homes, future homes, homestyle with daisies and pie

Internet of things (IoT) is a key buzzword in homes and lifestyle at the moment. You might be wondering what it actually is and how it will affect you, because it will affect you. … [Read More...]

Smeg WHT714EUK washing machine, smeg washing machines, A+++ energy efficiency rating washing machines, home style from daisies and pie

The latest addition to multi award-winning manufacturer Smeg's freestanding laundry portfolio is the WHT714EUK washing machine. Featuring an impressive A+++ energy rating (B for … [Read More...]

IKEA wireless charging furniture lamps, IKEA wireless charging floor lamps, IKEA smart home, homestyle from daisies and pie

We're just a *lot* excited about the new wireless charging furniture from IKEA. I do love smart homes and any home technology that shouts wireless is a winner for me! Nicely … [Read More...]

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Keep the kids busy

How to make a mud pie station, garden mud pie kitchen, outdoor activities for kids from daisies and pie

Get the kids playing outdoors whatever the weather, rain or shine. In fact the more rain the better when mud pies are concerned. Make the outdoors … [Read More...]

step by step instructions for making a handprint easter chick

A bright, fun and simple Easter art activity for young children. Lovely and messy! I love the kids art around spring time, they always seem extra … [Read More...]

spring activities for kids, finger paint blossom trees, how to make finger paint blossom trees, preschool activities from daisies and pie

  Spring is a brilliant time for kids, so much to see and do. Better weather means more time outdoors and lots of lovely fresh inspiration … [Read More...]