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Family meal plan 24th Nov

A nice easy family meal plan this week. Filled with quick easy meals which I know the kids will clear without any fuss. Healthy breakfasts, tasty packed lunches and easy fuss free dinners.  Quick links to my favourite recipes of the … [Read More...]

easy sausage meatball recipe, sausage meatballs with pasta recipe, sausage pasta for kids, easy school night tea for kids, daisies and pie

Five quick meals to make with sausages

Five mouthwatering and quick meals to make with sausages. On the table in 30 minutes or less. Quick sausage meatballs These delicious sausage meatballs with pasta in a tasty tomato sauce can be on the table in 30 minutes. Making it a great … [Read More...]

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Best heritage sites to visit in the UK

England has long been said to be home to a vast variety of wonders and culture, with castles dating back thousands of years and battlefields even longer. It can be hard to catch a break with the fast paced hustle and bustle of busy UK city life, … [Read More...]

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A week of yummy slow cooker meals

Come home every night of the week to the smell of home cooked dinner with very little effort. Our seven days of slow cooker meals make it super easy to be organised and eat well.  Some of these recipes feed more than four so you can just freeze … [Read More...]

Loaf Bagsie sofa, teal interiors, winter interiors 2014, add a splash of mustard and teal, home style from daisies and pie

Add a splash of mustard and teal

Mustard and teal a classic combination of colours and one I've always got room for more of. Fancy adding a little to your life? Here's a few of my mustard & teal wish list items. First up a Bagsie sofa from Loaf.... one day I'll own a Loaf … [Read More...]

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How to clean the kitchen sink, easy way to clean the kitchen sink, homekeeping checklist, housework checklist, homekeeping from Daisies and Pie

How to clean your kitchen sink

Keeping your stainless steel kitchen sink clean and shiny needn't be a big effort - just a couple of minutes a day will keep it fresh and clean. Step 1 - every use After every use - quickly wipe … [Read More...]

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Slow cooker BBQ mince with beans

  Now that the house is up for sale cooking has kind of taken a back seat. The house is super clean, the kitchen is super clean and I want it to stay that way. I want nice easy tidy … [Read More...]

beautiful beef casserole, beef casserole recipe, slow cooker beef casserole recipe, easy slow cooker beef stew recipe, family recipes for slow cooker, daisies and pie

Beautiful beef casserole

This week's blast of autumn had me reaching for the slow cooker. Days filled with wind and rain call for beautiful beef casserole with fresh bread and a glass of red wine. I like to make this … [Read More...]

bbq beans, summer stew recipe, borlotti bean stew

Summer BBQ beany stew

  The Great British summer isn’t always that great... Some days the wind howls and the rain pours and the last thing you feel like eating is summer food. Today was one of those days. I wanted … [Read More...]