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enjoy the summer

It’s summer, enjoy it!

It's that time of year again, comes around quickly doesn't it? We're off for the summer and we'll see you back here September 1st. You can catch up with our adventures over on Twitter or … [Read More...]

mango bikes ladies classic, ladies bikes, stylish cycling, bike with wicker baskets, stylish city bikes

Cycle with style

Leading British bicycle brand Mango Bikes are delighted to introduce their new elegant Ladies Classic style. A traditional British bike for the modern girl about town, Mango Bikes has coupled … [Read More...]

Eat me!

tuna nicoise salad recipe, things to make with tinned tuna, quick and easy family meal, easy family food from daisies and pie

Tuna nicoise salad

Tuna nicoise salad is one of my favourite salads, so many colours, so vibrant, you can eat it warm, cold, straight away, pack it for lunch or a picnic … [Read More...]

beautiful beef casserole, beef casserole recipe, slow cooker beef casserole recipe, easy slow cooker beef stew recipe, family recipes for slow cooker, daisies and pie

Beautiful beef casserole

This week's blast of autumn had me reaching for the slow cooker. Days filled with wind and rain call for beautiful beef casserole with fresh bread and … [Read More...]

Latest home style

loaf mojo side table, loaf tables, loaf lounge furniture, home style from daisies and pie

Flower power

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the garden is blooming and we're definitely feeling floral. Here's a few of our floral picks for the season from … [Read More...]


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