After school snack pots


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After school snack pots you can make ahead and store in the fridge making it easier for the kids to grab a healthy snack when they get in from school starving!

Top 10 snack pot combinations we’re loving!

Hummus and carrot sticks

Whizz up a batch of homemade hummus in minutes pack into the bottom of the pot and top with carrot batons.

Guacamole and bread sticks

It takes no time at all to make fresh guacamole with our really easy recipe or use shop bought to save time.

Muesli and yogurt 

Add a layer of muesli or granola and top with thick creamy vanilla yogurt.

Apple and peanut butter

Put peanut butter into the bottom of the pot and top with apple wedges – if you’re making this ahead of time squeeze lemon juice over the apples to stop them browning.

Fruit and nuts

Top up the pot with dried fruit and nuts – if you’re not keen on your child eating nuts switch them for dried banana chips.

Bean dip and veggie batons

You can make a batch of bean dip in just the same way as hummus. Top with veggie batons for scooping it up with.

Fruit and yogurt

Add a layer of fresh fruit or try a compote like our plum compote which is sweetened with honey. Top with Greek yogurt.

Celery and cream cheese

Fill the bottom of the pot with cream cheese and add slices of celery for scooping.

Salsa and cheese and breadsticks

You can make a fresh salsa which will last a few days or use shop bought to save time. Add cheese bread sticks for dipping.


Fill the pot with mixed berries.

Healthy snack pots are great to have made up in the fridge ready to munch. They make it easier to choose a healthy snack and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Even if the kids grab two snack pots they still won’t ruin dinner and they’ll be eating well. It’s a great habit to get them into.

Ready made healthy snack pots are a great way to steer yourself into snacking healthily too.

We use the Sistema Yogurt to Go pots as snack pots. They’re the perfect size for snacks and if you’re grabbing one to take out with you they never ever leak! We love them.

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