Antipasti platter in minutes

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Throw together a delicious antipasti platter in minutes. This effortless, relaxed meal can be ready and on the table with very little time or fuss. Ideal for summer evenings when you can’t be bothered to cook and you just want nice picky bits you can share.

Antipasti is really just a little collection of Italian inspired dishes and flavours so quite often it’s different each time I make it depending on what’s in season, what’s in the kitchen and what I fancy. There’s no rules, just make what you like.

For this antipasti platter I used jarred marinated artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. Some peas and baby broad beans simply drizzled with garlic infused olive oil, chopped mint and a scattering of lemon zest.

Alongside I put some torn mozzarella drizzled in lemon infused olive oil and a scattering of cracked black pepper. And a platter of salami, chorizo, parma ham with black olives, baby plum tomatoes and fresh rocket.

Serve the antipasti platter with some simple toasted sourdough bread, rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil alongside a bottle of wine if you so fancy.

Simple food that tastes amazing and is ready super quick.

Make it your way…

  • Add in some chargrilled aubergines and courgettes
  • Serve with a chickpea salad
  • Add a dish of fresh radish or baby beetroot
  • Serve with a bowlful of chilli spiked grilled prawns.

Enjoy! It’s one of my favourite things to eat.

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