Autumn angel crown and wings


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Autumn is the perfect time to get outdoors with the kids. Walking in the woods, collecting gorgeous gold and red leaves, twigs and fallen pine cones.

Turning those natural treasures into a fun dress-up outfit is a great activity and one kids just love. Now you can call this autumn angels or nature warriors, whatever you like. It’s fun, it’s great for encouraging imaginative play or expressive dance and best of all it costs next to nothing.

What you need:


  • two large pieces of card – big enough to turn into angel wing shapes to fit your child.
  • glue
  • lots of leaves and autumn nature finds
  • band of cardboard – big enough to fit around your child’s head.
  • sticky tape
  • piece of ribbon – big enough to fit around your child’s head.
  • 1.5 m of ribbon or string – to hold angel wings onto your child’s arms

What you do:

  • cut the angel wing shapesautumn-angel-1
  • tie the wings together in the middle.
  • spread the wings with glue and cover with autumn leaves.autumn-angel-4
  • measure the card around your child’s head and cut the card to size.
  • spread with glue and add twigs, leaves and other nature finds.autumn-angel-6
  • glue over a piece of ribbon to hold everything in place.autumn-angel-7
  • tape the crown into a circle.
  • let everything dry.
  • tie strings into arm loops on the back of the wings.autumn-angel-8
  • go out and play!


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