Bathroom makeover for less than £250

The bathroom was looking tired and old and a little unloved, that’s what happens when you’ve spent years busily raising children, all the jobs that need doing get put on ‘THE LIST’ and one day, you get round to doing them…

So here’s my mini bathroom makeover, I just wanted to refresh and update it, without spending thousands and to generally make it a nicer place to be.

All of the work and materials cost less than £250 total. My budget bathroom makeover has made it feel much, brighter and happier.


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What did I change?

  • The colour from blue to a gorgeous shade of grey called Urban Obsession from Dulux.
  • Repainted the woodwork, I like woodwork to be brilliant white, I just think it feels fresher and cleaner.
  • Scraped out all the old sealant and resealed with new – this is the job that took the longest.
  • Changed the shower curtain and toilet seat to a beach hut theme.
  • Changed the bath panel for a plain white one to make the space look bigger.
  • Changed the toilet roll holder for a new stick and lock one – I love these, they need no drilling, they’re just held on with sucker pads and they hold well.
  • Got rid of the awful patterned flooring and replaced with a plain one colour  vinyl (grey again) this has made the room look much bigger and the bathroom suite much brighter.
  • Picked up new towels and bathmat – from Tesco actually, they wash really well and are very reasonably priced.


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The shopping list

  • Dulux bathroom paint – soft sheen in Urban Obsession 2.5l £22.93 from B&Q
  • Dulux quick dry gloss – brilliant white 750ml £13.87 from B&Q
  • Cooke & Lewis Seaside Beach Hut toilet seat £29 from B&Q
  • Beach hut shower curtain £12 from B&Q
  • Bath side panel £37 from B&Q
  • Croydex stick n lock chrome effect toilet roll holder £10 from B&Q
  • Unibond anti-mould bathroom Sealant £8.40 from B&Q
  • Grey vinyl flooring £65 (including fitting) from local flooring company
  • Tesco Egyptian cotton bathmat in charcoal £10
  • Tesco Egyptian cotton 6 piece towel bale £16.99

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