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Cranes Cider Review, Cranberry Cider, Low Sugar Cider 

Let me introduce Cranes Cider, developed by health conscious twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema as a healthier type of cider with 30% less calories compared to other cider brands. 

So, how did Cranes Cider come about? Well…  Whilst Ben and Dan were at university a few years ago and like most students they enjoyed socialising, which often involved a drink. Being health conscious they wanted to find an alcoholic drink that wasn’t full of sugar but still tasted great. They would often drink cranberry juice due to its health benefits and that’s when they started thinking ‘what if cranberries were brewed?’ … and that was the beginning of Cranes.

So, why the name Cranes? They discovered that in the 17th century cranberries in America were given the name “craneberries” after the small, pink blossoms which resemble the head and bill of the Sandhill crane. This has become an integral part of the brand, and they have ambitions to make Cranes a well-known and highly respected name. 

But, what does it taste like? Well it’s surprisingly light and refreshing. It has an element of sweetness but it’s very nicely balanced and not at all overly-sweet as flavoured ciders tend to be. The cider comes in three flavours, cranberry and lime, raspberries and pomegranate, and a rather lovely blueberries and apples variety, which is my favourite. 

All three flavours get the thumbs up from us, perfect for serving over ice at summer parties, BBQ’s and summer picnics. The cider would go very well with typical BBQ food, burgers, sausages as well as big summer salads or simply a sandwich and fries. 

And what does the future hold for Cranes? Four years in and they’re now in talks with large retailers and supermarkets in addition to well known wholesalers to ensure their products are stocked in as many pubs and bars as possible. We’re excited to see how Cranes will develop and what new products they’ll come up with. 

Find out more about Cranes Cider here.  

Disclaimer – the cider was provided for review free of charge from Cranes – all opinions are my own, for more details of my disclosure policy read here

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