Creating a cosy bedroom for kids


Creating a cosy, snuggly bedroom for the kids is always something I try to achieve, I want them to get into their bedrooms and be wrapped in a cosy, comfortable relaxing warmth. Their bedroom should be somewhere they snuggle down and dream.

I’m planning on re-designing the boys bedroom early next year so I’m obsessed with hunting out awesome stuff and I’ve been drooling over a few gorgeous items from Loaf kids collection that would be perfect for adding a cosy touch to any bedroom.

Firstly I’m just loving the Softie Children’s Bedding, it’s super soft fluffed-up flannel bed linen, and firmly on my list for the boys new room.

Once I’ve got the beds sorted and snuggly I’m wanting to create a cosy little nook for reading, gaming and generally chilling out in and the Loaf Sleepover Cushion is just perfect! Not only is it fab for sleepovers but also makes a great little place to cosy up, especially scattered with a few of those gorgeously squishy cushions. Perfect place to get sucked into a story book.




And finally… I’m thinking I’ll be needing to add a Bug, for general lolling about on… and definitely a Nuzzler Rug, super soft, natural and oh so right for snuggling.


So.. just need to find the perfect bunk beds, some wardrobes with Narnia qualities and then there’s colours to choose and window dressings and lights and…. think I’d better start a pinterest board, just to cover it….

Disclosure – this isn’t a sponsored post, this is just a collection of the stuff I LOVE from Loaf. 

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