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Dorset Cereals – simply delicious muesli

Dorset Cereals believe life begins at breakfast and as breakfast is an important thing here at Daisies & Pie they thought we’d like to try out some of their delicious cereals. They sent over Simply Delicious Muesli packed with raisins, nuts and sunflower seeds. Tasty Toasted spelt, fruit and nut muesli and some rather gorgeous and convenient sachets of Raspberry Porridge, chunky jumbo oats with real raspberries and pumpkin seeds and ready in just 3 minutes.

We liked all three breakfasts – the muesli we preferred with yogurt and honey and we did make them up into some tasty little muesli & yogurt packed lunch snacks for school. The porridge was a real hit with the older children, it was nice and the raspberry flavour was very punchy, we loved the addition of pumpkin seeds too. Dorset Cereal have challenged  us to come up with our top 5 happiness actions, the little things that make life better.

  1. Eat well – quite simply put good stuff in and you feel better!
  2. Laugh – a lot, belly laughs, chuckles, little smirks they all count – find the funny even if you’re cross.
  3. Fresh air – everything feels better if you get outdoors and do stuff – walk up hills, go to the park or run across beaches, whatever the weather rain or shine.
  4. Chat – talk to each other, pass the time of day, share a joke, talk about what you’ve been up to – try to sit down around the table all together for at least one meal a day and chat!
  5. Relax – take time to relax and wind down, nice bubble baths, a well earned cup of tea, a cheeky glass of wine, 10 minutes sat outdoors in the sun or even an early night in a freshly made bed with line-dried sheets. Be kind to yourself.

These are the things that make us happy here at Daisies & Pie.

Disclaimer: the Dorset Cereal was sent to us free of charge 

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