Easy school day breakfast ideas

School day breakfast doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. We’ve got a week of delicious, fun breakfasts the kids will just love.

Easy school day breakfast ideas

Monday – wise owl toast

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Start the week off right with our gorgeous super cute wise owl toast. English breakfast muffins spread with peanut butter and decorated with fruit. A healthy, slow burning, protein and vitamin packed breakfast the kids will love.

Tuesday – breakfast muffins with apples and oats

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Everyone loves cake for breakfast and our moist fruit packed muffins topped with oats are easy and totally delicious still warm from the oven. Serve with a glass of icy cold milk with a straw.

Wednesday – eggy bread stars with ketchup

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Yummy little French toast stars with a side of ketchup. Easy to make, ready in minutes. Fab for a school day breakfast.

Thursday – cereal sundae

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Layers of cereal, yogurt and fresh berries make this breakfast irresistible, for a little added treat try a layer of custard in amongst the cereal. You can make up this breakfast with any cereal you like.

Friday – porridge toppers

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Porridge need never be boring again! We’ve got twenty awesome ways to top your porridge from blueberries and maple syrup to bananas and coconut or creamy Greek yogurt with honey.


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  1. Christina Aleman says

    I’d rather prefer this for kids snack while watching TV or playing with their friends. I’m surer they’ll love this.


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