Family meal plan 12th October 2015

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This week the family meal plan is just filled to bursting with comfort food that the kids will love and that I know I can pack with extra veggies to make it healthier.


With extra ‘mini guests’ for dinner tonight I’m making peri-peri chicken, using chicken thighs because they’re so economical and the thigh meat is much tastier than chicken breast meat. I’ll serve these with homemade smoky potato wedges with a spicy homemade salsa dip and minty peas. The salsa dip is fab – fat free and packed with fresh tomatoes and peppers. Might even add in some super quick garlic bread too.


I just love a plateful of toad in the hole. Oven baked sausages tucked up in fluffy Yorkshire pudding. I’m just doing creamy mashed potatoes, peas and freshly made onion gravy to go with this. Nom, nom, nom.


Hunters chicken casserole is really popular with the kids. I’ll be making this one in the slow cooker because Wednesday is always super busy and it’s nice to just have dinner bubbling along ready. Hunter’s chicken casserole is filled with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, chicken breast and black olives. My kids like this with spaghetti best of all. We’ll get the recipe up for this in the week.


Slow cooker spaghetti bolognese is the one meal the kids ask for every single week! I love making this it’s just so easy. And packed with onions, tomatoes and ‘hidden’ carrots. Also worth making double and freezing for an easy dinner another night.

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Nothing says comfort food quite like a crispy skinned baked potato and with so many different ways to load them up, they’re definitely a favourite here. I’m going to load these with some homemade Boston beans and extra mature Cheddar cheese. We’ve got loads of ideas for topping your baked potatoes – check them out.

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A little autumn Saturday tradition of X Factor TV dinner has developed and homemade pizza is perfect as a TV dinner. I’ll be topping my pizza with squash, walnuts and blue cheese, the kids will probably opt for ham and pineapple. We’ve got a great pizza basics recipe that’s fab for getting you started making your own pizza bases and tomato sauce.

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I’ll be making ‘roast’ lamb dinner but cooking the lamb in the slow cooker. My slow cooker is quite large so it fits lamb shoulder or half a leg of lamb in quite easily. We add loads of garlic and rosemary and the lamb will come out cooked to perfection and just so tasty. I’ll serve it with roast potatoes, kale, parsnips and mint sauce. Any leftovers are just yummy with hummus and rocket stuffed into toasted pittas.

We’ve linked this meal plan up with At Home with Mrs M – Meal Planning Monday 

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