Family meal plan 16th January 2017

Weekly family meal plan with printable grocery shopping list, Easy family food from Daisies & Pie

A weekly family meal plan filled with easy to make, delicious family dinner recipes that you’ll just love. You can also grab the printable shopping list to go with it.

Monday – Mexican chicken thighs

Mexican spiced chicken thighs, budget chicken recipes, easy family food from daisies and pie

Get the easy Mexican chicken thigh recipe here, I serve this with mashed sweet potatoes and a side of frozen peas and sweetcorn for a fast and easy school night dinner.

Tuesday – meatballs and garlic bread dippers

easy meatball recipe, how to make quick meatballs, things to make with beef mince, easy family recipe, mead ideas with mince beef, daisies and pie, Daisies & Pie

Yummy meatballs in a rich ‘hidden veggies’ sweet and tasty tomato sauce served with garlic bread dippers or pasta for an easy midweek dinner. Get the meatball recipe here.

Wednesday – fish finger sandwiches

ultimate fish finger sandwich, pesto pea dip recipe, fab meal idea for kids

The kids just love this delicious fish finger sandwich, and crispy oven baked potato wedges with a pesto pea dip. Just yum, and really easy for a busy school night.

Thursday – soup and cheese on toast

roast red pepper and tomato soup with cheese rolls, easy family food from daisies and pie

A delicious roast red pepper and tomato soup recipe that’s easy to make and tastes just so good, totally packed with delicious flavours. I’ll be serving this with grilled cheese dippers. A great make-ahead weeknight dinner.

Friday – Lancashire potato hash

Can’t beat a bowlful of proper old style Lancashire potato hash, easy to make and budget friendly. Served with pickled red cabbage and beetroot slices it’s a really filling family dinner. Get the Lancashire potato hash recipe here.

Saturday – tuna bolognese

tuna bolognese recipe, quick tuna pasta recipe, 15 minute dinner recipe, easy family food from daisies and pie

An easy family pasta recipe that’s ready in just 15 minutes making it ideal for a busy Saturday dinner. You could serve alongside a big green salad, maybe some garlic bread if you like. Get the tuna bolognese recipe here.

Sunday – roast chicken dinner

Wouldn’t be Sunday without a roast dinner and chicken is always the favourite here. Serve alongside Yorkshire puddings (yes I cheat and buy them frozen) add a pile of veggies and roast potatoes and you’ve got yourself a delicious family dinner.

Get the printable family meal plan grocery shopping list here

Weekly family meal plan with printable grocery shopping list, meal planning from daisies and pie.


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