Family meal plan 22nd August 2016

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A totally delicious family meal plan this week. Filled with easy family dinner recipes that are simple to make. A definite lazy summer vibe with the food for this week.

Monday – ham salad 

A really easy ham salad filled with lots of fresh, crunchy salad veggies. I’ll do a side of sweet potato wedges alongside this, because they taste amazing.

Get the recipes here

Tuesday – bbq pulled brisket

A slow cooker recipe, it’s easy, it just simmers away all day and by the time dinner time arrives it’s perfect. Grab the slow cooker bbq brisket recipe here.  Add some oven fries, coleslaw and sweetcorn.

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Wednesday – pesto, rocket and feta spaghetti

Quick, easy and totally delicious. I skip the rocket in the kids portions as they just won’t eat it – if you like you could substitute with peas, they’ll only take 3-4 minutes in the microwave.  Get the spaghetti with pesto, feta and rocket recipe here.

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Thursday – tuna pasta salad

Another quick and easy pasta dish, the kids love this one and served alongside garlic bread it’s always a hit. Get the tuna pasta salad recipe here. It’s worth making extra of this for lunch next day.

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Friday – mexican hot dogs 

Friday nights need a yummy dinner and these mexican hot dogs are just amazing. You can make the slaw, salsa and guacamole fresh if time, but if not, just pick them up at the shop ready made.  Get the mexican hot dog recipe here.

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Saturday – chicken strips

Homemade marinated chicken strips served alongside a pot of homemade potato wedges and loads of salad. Any leftover slaw, salsa or guacamole from last nights dinner also go well with this family meal.

Get the recipes here:


Sunday – herby salmon

Lightening up Sunday lunch with these easy herby salmon parcels, new potatoes or maybe a rice salad. Get the herby salmon parcel recipe here.

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