Family meal plan 30th January 2017

Weekly family meal plan filled with easy family dinner recipes, easy family food from daisies and pie

Our weekly family meal plan, filled with delicious, child friendly recipes. All our family dinner ideas are tasty and easy to cook.

Family meal plan
Monday – Falafel & spicy rice

A cheat recipe here – I’m cooking up shop bough falafel stuffed into toasted pitta breads and served with a side of spicy rice (another cheat, simply a sachet of flavoured microwave rice with extra veggies stirred through)

Tuesday – Chicken hotpot

This is one of our new recipes, it’ll be on the blog later this week. It’s a tasty chicken stew with sage and thyme, topped with sliced potatoes and browned in the oven. Easy and delicious.

Wednesday – Sausage casserole

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I’ll be cooking up a delicious sausage casserole with colcannon. Easy and totally delicious. Grab the sausage casserole recipe here.

Thursday – Quesadillas

ham and pepper quesadillas served with Old El Paso relish

This is such a quick and easy dinner recipe, the kids can make up their own quesadilla fillings and cooking them is literally minutes. A great family dinner for a busy weeknight. Serve with fresh guacamole and salsa to up the veggie content of the meal. Get the quesadilla recipe here.

Friday – Easy Spanish rice

easy spanish rice recipe, cheat's spanish rice, quick chicken and prawn recipe, chorizo rice, easy family food from daisies and pie

A really easy tasty recipe and one the kids enjoy too. Packed full of lovely Spanish flavours, but we use cheats to get it ready faster. Get the Spanish rice recipe here.

Saturday – Burgers

Saturday is burger night, I’ll just be making simple beef patties and then flavouring them up with a selection of great toppings – crisp bacon, cheese, jalapeño and homemade slaw. Get our simple burger recipe here.

Sunday – Chicken roast dinner

It just wouldn’t be Sunday without a roast dinner. This week I’m doing a simple roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings (with a little help from Aunt Bessie as I like my Sundays to be easy)

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