Family meal plan 6th April 2015

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This is the first full week of the Easter school holidays so we are busy and food has to be easy.

All the breakfasts are filling. All the lunches can be packed up and taken out as picnic lunches if we decide to. All the dinners can be cooked in the slow cooker and each dinner recipe leaves leftovers which can be served up differently the day later so that I’m not cooking every day. All the recipes are packed with lovely seasonal vegetables.

Quick links to favourite recipes of the week:

Dutch style chocolate sprinkle sandwiches, happy breakfast for happy kids, easy family food from Daisies and Pie

egg salad recipe, egg mayo sandwich recipe, how to make egg mayo, easy family food from daisies and pie

veg box curry recipe, mix and match vegetable curry, beetroot salad, purple chillies, vegetarian curry recipe

quick vegetable pasty recipe

I’ll be making batches of chocolate coated flapjacks, quick jam tarts and scones to pop in with lunches – all of these are great for cooking with kids.

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