Family meal plan 8th August 2016

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This week’s meal plan is filled with tasty summer food that easy to prepare and cook. A totally delicious selection of healthy mediterranean style recipes that the whole family will love.

Monday – spaghetti with roast tomatoes

Quick spaghetti recipe, oven roast baby plum tomatoes mingled with spaghetti. Add a little sprinkling of garlicky breadcrumbs and lots of Parmesan cheese.

Tuesday – spanish omelette

Spanish omelette filled with onions, peppers and new potatoes. Served alongside a huge green salad. Easy and yum. Get the Spanish Omelette recipe here.

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Wednesday – sea bass tray bake

Layer up sliced new potatoes, baby plum tomatoes and sprinkle with grated garlic and lemon zest, lay on sea bass fillets, drizzle one olive oil and roast in the oven. Serve alongside a salad. Easy and totally delicious. Get the sea bass tray bake recipe here.

Thursday – sea food pasta

Quick dish of pasta tossed with garlicky prawns and mussels and fresh herbs.

Friday – summer risotto

Delicious risotto with loads of garlicky tomatoes, peppers and aubergine.

Saturday – chicken kebabs with greek salad

Lemon, garlic and herb marinated chicken skewers with a huge greek salad, packed with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and herbs.

Sunday –  lamb patties with hummus, salad and pittas

Delicious garlicky lamb patties with homemade hummus and loads of salad stuffed inside warm pittas. Get the hummus recipe here.

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