Family meal plan 9th March 2015

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The meal plan this week has a little Italian slant to it. Lots of fresh vegetables and salads and tasty easy to make recipes.

Quick links to my favourite recipes of the week 

  • Eggy Bread

starry sky eggy bread, strawberry smoothie kids breakfast

Dutch style chocolate sprinkle sandwiches, happy breakfast for happy kids, easy family food from Daisies and Pie

red pepper hummus recipe, hummus recipe, smoked paprika

toddler eating pizza on a picnic

pizza topped chicken breast with tomatoes and mozzarella, easy chicken recipe, easy family food from daisies and pie

cheat's tuna pasta bake recipe, easy tuna pasta bake recipe, things to make with tuna, meal ideas with tuna, easy kids dinner, Daisies & Pie, daisies and pie

Get the printable meal plan here

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