Four steps to organise kitchen cupboards

How to organise kitchen cupboards, kitchen organisation tips, homemaking tips

Follow our easy tips and quickly get the kitchen cupboards from chaotic to neat and manageable, without spending loads of money, time or effort.

Four steps to organising kitchen cupboards
1. Empty the contents of the cupboard

Empty everything out of the cupboard onto the work top.

2. Sort through the contents

Look at every item and decide if you want to keep it, ditch any broken items and donate to charity any items still usable but unwanted. Go through food items and get rid of anything that’s spoilt or past it’s use-by date.

3. Clean 

Vacuum the insides of the cupboards to remove any crumbs, dust and bits. Next clean the insides of the cupboards using hot water and washing up liquid or if they’re particularly grubby squirt with antibacterial spray and wipe down.

4. Fill the cupboards back up

Put the contents of the cupboard back, arrange them neatly – stack like with like, use storage boxes and arrange everything so that you can easily access the items you use frequently. Organisation techniques we love are….

  • Clear plastic stackable boxes – great for keeping small items neat and organised and easy to reach. You can pick up storage boxes like this from IKEA or similar products from The Range and Lakeland. low cost kitchen cupboard storage ideas, how to organise kitchen cupboards, homekeeping ideas for the kitchen, kitchen organisation
  • Pan lids and roasting tins stacked upright so they’re easy to access.How to store pans and roasting tins, kitchen cupboard storage ideas, homekeeping, kitchen organisation
  • Tins stacked so you can read the labels easily.Tips for organising kitchen cupboards, homekeeping, kitchen organisation ideas
  • Decanting dried goods into glass jars so that it’s easy to see what you have. Try IKEA, The Range and even pound stores for low cost glass jars. Tips for organising kitchen cupboards, homekeeping, kitchen organising ideas
  • Draw dividers for cutlery.Kitchen storage and organisation ideas, homekeeping, kitchen organisation tips
  • Lazy Susan for easy access to food.
  • Snack bins that the kids can rummage through
  • Store like with like – organise kitchen zones.
  • Use hooks on inside of doors to squeeze more into your storage spaces – we like the Command Hooks, that just stick onto the surface easily, using the insides of cupboard doors just adds to your overall usable storage space.Kitchen storage and organisation ideas, homekeeping

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