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Keeping a little stock of freezer essentials at home is a great idea. It can help you throw together recipes for meal planning and for those days when you just run out of time or energy a meal you can cook from frozen is perfect.

The freezer essentials I keep in at home
Frozen vegetables 

Usually peas, green beans and sweetcorn. These are a quick and easy way of adding another portion of vegetables to whatever meal you’re cooking. And it doesn’t need to be just plain old boiled veg. You can liven things up easily.  Peas and beans are nice cooked together, season with salt & pepper once cooked, drizzle with a little olive oil and scatter of some lemon zest and a couple of tsp of capers.  Sweetcorn can be quickly stir fried in butter with garlic and chilli to add a little zing. Frozen cubes of spinach are fab for adding some veggies to a curry or casserole.

Frozen french fries 

If you’ve got kids, you need a stock of these! They make a super quick meal like egg and chips or a delicious game day snack like cheesy fries and roast Mexican salsa. And kids will eat practically any meal if it comes with a side of fries.

Frozen fish fingers

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day and a fish finger sandwich saves the day!

Loaf of bread 

Always a good idea to keep a spare loaf in the freezer. You can toast from frozen so there’s no dry bread or food wasting.

Frozen pastry

It’s handy to keep both frozen puff and shortcrust pastry. These are great to have on hand to make a meal out of leftovers. You can quickly and easily cook up some pasties, turn a leftover curry or stew into a pie. Or make a fresh vegetable and cheese tart.

Frozen berries – blueberries & raspberries

It’s so much cheaper to buy frozen berries and if you’re using them in smoothies or to make fruit muffins you can just use straight from frozen. Very convenient and very economical.


The quickest and easiest of all desserts. Eat a couple of scoops just as it is or jazz it up and turn it into more of a treat with toppings like sprinkles or Nutella. Ice-cream is also fab served with homemade puddings.

We’ve also got a handy little list of store cupboard essentials 

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  1. says

    My favourite freezer essential is the bags of ready diced onion I buy! I never have to have watery eyes or smelly onion hands, and they still taste the same to me.

    Stevie x


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