Have a feel good February


28 ways to have a feel good February, fab mama resources

Blast away the winter blues with our fabulous feel good February ideas. We’ve planned a totally feel good February and best of all it’s easily achievable!

1 – head for the beach 

Blow away the cobwebs with a winter beach trip. Pack a picnic or call for seaside fish and chips. Soak up that wild weather with a coastal walk.

2 – meditate

Spend a few minutes each day meditating, it’s fab for helping you relax and re-focus on what’s important. I really like the Take A Break meditation app – just 7 minutes and it leaves me feeling refreshed.

3 – mother – daughter home spa

Spend some quality time with your girly’s with our fab home spa ideas.

how to create a mother daughter spa night at home, mum and daughter bonding time, family life from daisies and pie



4 – take a trip to the museum 

Head off to a local museum and discover something new. Most museums still have free entry so visit whilst you can. Could always squeeze in a trip to the coffee shop too for coffee and cake.

5 – plant up some spring bulbs

It’s still not too late to plant up some spring bulbs, they’ll look lovely by the front door.

spring bulb pots for the front door, pots of spring bulbs, homemaking from daisies and pie

6 – chocolate cake

Spend a little time in the kitchen and bake your own chocolate cake… maybe this one or buy one. Either way get the kettle on and invite a friend for coffee, gossip and chocolate cake. Perfect.

7 – colouring in

A great way to relax and chill out and one we’re on board with. You can grab our gorgeous free printable colouring sheets right here.

free adult colouring sheets, inspirational colouring sheets, printable colouring sheets for adults, lifestyle from daisies and pie

8 – make a sugar lip scrub

Get into the kitchen and mix up your own natural sugar lip scrub, perfect for treating winter damaged lips.

homemade vanilla sugar lip scrub, homemade lip scrub, natural homemade beauty products,

9 – get organised 

It always feels good to be on top of things and we’ve got 10 brilliant ways to be more organised.

10 ways to be more organised, 10 ways to organise life as a working mum, life hacks for a more organised life, uk lifestyle from daisies and pie

10 – dog walks 

It’s good to get out walking with the dog, it’s free and fab exercise. If you’ve not got time for a dog but still fancy the dog walking, head over to Borrow my Doggy and borrow a dog!

11 – Valentine crafting 

Spend an afternoon crafting with the kids – we’ve got some simple, super cute Valentine crafts the kids will just love.

12 – spring adventures

Now is a great time to plan out some spring adventures. Work out where you want to visit, what kind of things you fancy doing and schedule them into the diary. It’s something to look forward to and for the kids to get excited about!

13 – buy yourself some flowers 

Always room in your life for a bunch of flowers. And springtime brings tulips and daffodils which I just love!

14 – cook up a Valentine dinner

Treat yourself and a loved one to a delicious Valentine dinner, go all out with candles and setting up a romantic atmosphere. And… if cooking isn’t your thing, there’s lots of supermarket meal deals to be had.

15 – film night

Snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket and watch a couple of your favourite films. You’ll be needing snacks obviously… a little selection of yum stuff to hand.

16 – climb a big hill

Get outdoors for some fresh air and exercise, pick a hill and hike up it and if you happen to come across a cute little village pub whilst you’re out and about then call in for lunch.

17 – make a tart

Cook yourself a delicious (and easy) tart. We just love this Mediterranean style tart, feel free to swap and change the ingredients to suit your own tastes.

quick puff pastry tart recipe, things to make with pastry sheet, mediterranean tart, easy family food from daisies and pie

18 – write a letter

Send a friend a letter – just a few words in a nice card, just because it’s ace to get ‘real’ post.

19 – pamper evening 

Look after yourself, relax into a deep hot bubble bath, take time to apply lotions and potions and do a full top to toe pamper session.

20 – kick off your spring cleaning

Everything feels better when it’s clean and well organised. Ditch the clutter!

21 – feed the birds

At this time of year garden birds can often struggle to find food, get the kids involved in this wildlife project and create your own natural bird feeder.

natural bird feeder, kabocha squash, RSPB bird feeder, welcoming wildlife to garden

22 – random act of kindness

Always room in your life to be kind.

23 – be a tourist in your own town

Head off to your town and do the tourist thing – visit the museums and galleries, spend a day soaking up the vibe – maybe call for lunch in a little local cafe.

24 -pot luck dinner

I think this is quite an american ‘thing’ but one we should definitely do more of over here – throw a pot luck dinner for your friends and get them all to bring a dish of something good.

25 – dance

Whack up the music, open the windows wide and dance! Always makes me feel happy.

26 – pick up a magazine

Treat yourself to a magazine, pop the kettle on and get your feet up whilst you read it cover to cover.

27 – help the kids build a den

You’re never too old to do den building! You can either grab a stack of sheets, throws, pillows and the like and transform the living room or get out into the woods and build a den outdoors. The National Trust have great den building activities at loads of their properties and sites.

28 – make pancakes

Cook up a batch of traditional pancakes for Shrove Tuesday – top with lemon juice and sugar

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