How to clean the fridge

How to clean the fridge, green cleaning tips, homemaking


Keeping the fridge clean and well organised is really important. After all it’s where you keep your food and if you don’t keep the fridge clean it will become a bacteria magnet…

Here’s how to keep the fridge clean.
Clean the fridge – every use

Every time you use an item from the fridge be sure to wipe off any spills or drips on the bottles, that way the fridge won’t get sticky. Wipe up any spills in the fridge as soon as they happen.

Clean the fridge – weekly

The fridge needs a thorough weekly clean – it’s best to do this the day before you do the weekly shop.

  • Remove all the food from the fridge
  • Run a sink of warm water – add some dishwashing liquid.
  • Remove all the shelves, door compartments and drawers and wash and dry well.
  • Wipe out the inside of the fridge using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water.
  • Wipe in the door seal – this can often get crumbs gathering in it.
  • Dry the fridge with paper kitchen towels.
  • Put all the shelves, door compartments and drawers back into the fridge.
  • Put the food back into the fridge – checking the use by dates and discarding any food past it’s best.
  • Clean the outside of the fridge and wipe the door handles.
Clean the fridge – monthly 

Pull the fridge out and vacuum behind and underneath it. Use the soft bristle brush vacuum attachment to vacuum the back of the fridge to remove any dust build up.

Get the printable checklist here.

How to clean the fridge printable checklist, kitchen homekeeping tips, homemaking tips



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