How to clean your bedroom in 15 minutes

How to clean the bedroom in 15 minutes, five steps to a clean and tidy bedroom, homemaking tips from daisies and pie

Clean your bedroom in 15 minutes with these five simple tasks.

Before you make a start, throw open the windows, put on music, grab your cleaning products and set a timer, this just helps me to work faster and I like to know that I’m only going to be tidying up for 15 minutes, once that timer goes I stop.

Make the bed

A made bed instantly makes a bedroom look tidy. So plump up the pillows, smooth out the sheets and get that bed looking jump-in-able.

Put stuff away

Hang up clothes, put laundry in the laundry bin, put away anything that’s lying around on surfaces.

Plump it, shake it, straighten it

Plump up any cushions, straighten throws and blankets, smooth down window dressings so they hang nicely.

Dust surfaces

Dust down and polish surfaces, I like to use an eco-friendly surface cleaner for this.

Freshen the air

The window open wide will have freshened up the air, I like to add a spritz or two of homemade room freshener once I’ve cleaned a room, just for added niceness. You can get our room freshener recipe here.

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