How to make galaxy jars

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The kids have seen these galaxy jars on loads of different YouTube videos lately and were just desperate to have a go at making their own. So Saturday night seems the perfect night for making a mess with glow in the dark liquid….
What we used:

  • Clean empty jar
  • 4 glow sticks – I used the small bracelet style sticks
  • Straw
  • Around a tsp of glitter
  • Scissors

What we did:

  • First crack the glow sticks to get them glowing.
  • Next snip off both ends of the glow stick – let the ends drop into the jar.
  • Push a straw into the end of the glow stick and blow all the glowing liquid into the jar.
  • Next add the glitter.
  • Seal the jar and shake like crazy to spread the glowing glitter all around the jar.
  • Turn out the lights and glow!

Hints & tips:

  • It’s best to keep a close eye on the kids whilst they’re blowing glowing liquid around… because now when the lights go out my kitchen looks like outer space!
  • Safety tip – make sure you use the straws and the kids don’t end up with with the glow up liquid in their mouths, obviously it’s not edible! 

Have a fab time making your galaxy glow jars! 


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