How to make your house smell good


How to make the house smell good, easy ways to get your home smelling lovely, homemaking tips

Tips and tricks for making your house smell just so good
Clean it

Firstly, if the house smells bad, work out why. Maybe is cooking smells, stale air, grubby pets, outdated food, or a bathroom long overdue a clean. Tackle the cause of a bad smell first, usually it just means cleaning something, clean things don’t tend to smell bad.  If you fancy being more organised about housework then you can get our housework routine and printable checklist here.

Open windows

Open the windows for at least an hour each day to freshen up the air and remove any cooking smells.

Scented candles & reed diffusers

Buy yourself some nice smelling candles or diffusers and get into the habit of using them regularly. Try different scents for different rooms of the house.

Fabric softener

Use your favourite fabric softener to make your house smell good. Try wiping a very diluted solution over radiators, (1/4 cap softener to a full washing up bowl of water) so that when the heat comes on the scent will fill the air. You can also make up a fabric softener room spray, put a tsp of softener in a 500ml bottle of water and shake, pour into a spritz bottle and use to lift the scent in a room (be careful not to spray onto furniture, surfaces or fabrics that may mark or stain)

Tumble drier sheets

Place a couple onto radiators so the scent fills the air once the heat comes on.

Essential oil in the vacuum

Add a couple of drops of essential oil to a ball of cotton wool and suck it up the vacuum, then when you vacuum it will smell way nicer. I like to use cinnamon, vanilla or peppermint.

Make an essential oil room spray

It’s really quick and easy to make up your own room spray using essential oils. Get the instructions here.  Spritz it whenever the room needs a little lift.

Freshen carpets

If the carpets or rugs are smelling a bit stale, freshen them with a quick spritz of carpet freshener. And if you don’t fancy the shop bought versions then make your own natural carpet freshener, get the instructions here.

Bake cookies

Whip up a batch of homemade cookies, add lots of vanilla or cinnamon and as they bake they’ll fill the house with a delicious scent.

Stove top room scent

A quick and easy way to make the house smell good is to bubble up a pan of stove top room scent – get the stove top room freshener instructions here.

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