How to make your own natural room spray

How to make your own natural room spray, green cleaning tips, homemaking tips


It’s simple to make your own natural room spray. Cut out all the chemicals and give your home a natural fresh scent.

Things you’ll need to make natural room spray
  • small pump action spray bottle – you can re-purpose an empty bottle or pick these up quite cheaply at the chemist or homeware shops.
  • water
  • essential oils of your choice (see our guide below on scent combinations)
How to make natural room spray
  • simply fill the spray bottle almost to the top with cold water.
  • add 8 drops each of your chosen oils.
  • pop the lid onto the bottle and shake well (shake before each use also)
  • that’s it! It’s ready to spray.
Essential oil room spray scent combinations

Uplifting scent  – bergamot with orange oil – lovely sprayed in living areas

Antibacterial scent – tea tree with lavender and eucalyptus – great for freshening bathrooms

Warming scent – sandalwood with orange oil – lovely sprayed in hallways

When using natural essential oils it’s important to note that some natural essential oils are contraindicated  for use with certain health issues always check before you use them and if in doubt consult a qualified aromatherapist. 

I’m quite happy to spray these room sprays around my home, some of the moisture droplets does fall onto soft furnishings and furniture, this doesn’t bother me but if you have expensive items you might want to be careful and spray them away from precious items. 

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