How to sort laundry

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Our simple ‘homekeeping how to’ guide on how to sort the laundry properly.

Sorting laundry properly means you get the best out of your washing machine and your clothes and home textiles will be cared for and cleaned as best they can be.

Step 1:

Sort the laundry into the following quick piles –

Whites – this is things like your white shirts, vests, t-shirts, socks.

Lights – pale and pastel clothes.

Darks –  black, grey, maroon, dark purple, navy blue clothes

Delicates – bras and silk items

Jeans – all your denim items

Towels – keep bathroom & kitchen towels separate

Underwear – knickers and underpants

Step 2:

Sort the piles by care label –  hand wash, 30, 40, 60

Step 3:

Get the items ready to wash.

  • stain treat any items – best to do this before stain dries where possible.
  • remove belts & accessories
  • check all pockets to avoid having to pick tissue paper off clothes later.
  • turn knitwear, jeans, cords and sweatshirts inside out this minimise bobbling on the clothes.
  • unbutton any buttons so they don’t pull or tear in the wash.
  • close all zips, velcro or hooks
  • straighten out clothes – unfold turn-ups, roll down sleeves and shake out socks before putting in the wash.

Step 4:

Wash – here’s our quick washing tips –

  • load the washer one item at a time – this allows the clothes to move around better whilst they wash so they come out cleaner.
  • don’t over load the washer – this means clothes don’t clean properly and it can stop the spin working properly.
  • use the right product – especially when washing woollens and silk.
  • always wash underwear, towels and bedding separately at the highest temperature on the label – this kills germs.
  • don’t use softener on towels it reduces their absorbency.
  • if you’ve not got enough for a full load either select the half load option or save for when you can run a full load.
  • it’s best to wash denim separately as it’s a heavy fabric it may damage delicates and it often bleeds colour.
  • be careful washing red items they often run colour – better to wash red things on one load together.

Get the How to Sort your Laundry Checklist.

Sorting the laundry properly is all part of a good housework routine.

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