Kids Halloween party menu


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Throwing a Halloween party for the kids, we’ve got a disgustingly good Halloween party menu that will keep your little ones well fed and happy and won’t take forever to put together.


  • Mini muffin pizzas, so quick and easy to make. Keep things simple and just make a cheese and tomato version. quick muffin pizza recipe, meal ideas for kids, recipes for kids to cook, easy family food, daisies and pie
  • Hot dogs, all kids love hot dogs. You can cut out finger nail and knuckle shapes on the hot dogs for the whole zombie finger ‘thing’, or you can just whack them in a bread roll and squirt them with ketchup.
  • Proper oven baked potatoes, served in a dish with a dot of butter, perfect just as they are. baked potato toppings, things to put in baked potatoes, loaded jacket potatoes, jacket potato toppings


  • Nachos with guacamole and salsa, always super popular at kids parties.
  • BBQ beans – for these we just use a few tins of Heinz BBQ baked beans.
  • Apple slaw, fresh, crunchy and delicious. apple coleslaw recipe, how to make homemade coleslaw, easy slaw recipe, easy family food


  • Bogey bites – essentially these are chocolate crackle cakes using popcorn instead of rice crispies. Halloween bogey bites, bogey cakes, popcorn cakes, chocolate popcorn cakes, halloween cake recipe, halloween party food ideas, halloween party food
  • Creepy cobweb cake spooky and delicious.
  • Green slime jelly with black custard, just make up some lime jellies and turn your custard black with a few drops of food colouring.


  • Forbidden buttery beer – sweet, fizzy and delicious.forbidden buttery beer drink, flora recipes, halloween party drink for kids, easy family food from daisies and pie
  • Vampire cordial – well…. it’s Vimto, make up large jugs for your mini guests to help themselves.

Have a spooktacular time!

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