Kitchen cleaning kit essentials


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Get the kitchen cleaning kit you really need to keep on top of a busy family house.

By keeping a few kitchen cleaning essential in stock at home you’ll always be ready to tackle whatever cleaning job comes your way as well as keeping your home fresh, clean and lovely to live in.

kitchen cleaning kit essentials
  • kitchen cleaner
  • dishwashing liquid
  • soda crystals
  • white vinegar
  • basic white soap bar
  • antibacterial surface cleaner or disposable antibacterial wipes
  • bleach
  • mop & bucket
  • washing up bowl
  • paper towels
  • scouring sponges
  • soft cleaning cloths (you can re-purpose old t-shirts or vests)

Our guide on which product to use for which cleaning job.

Kitchen cleaning spray

Use this to clean down kitchen work tops, cupboard fronts and the dining table/chairs.

Dishwashing liquid

As well as being great for getting dishes sparkling, we also use dishwashing soap to clean the sink, wash kitchen accessories like the storage pots, trays and the fridge shelves and compartments. You can also put a squirt into a bucket of water and mop the kitchen floor, it works well on tiles, lino or laminate (always test a discreet patch of floor first if you’re worried)

Soda crystals

We use these to clean the sink plugholeclean the drains and clean the washing machine.


White vinegar

We use this to clean the drains and to clean the washing machine. It’s also excellent in homemade window cleaner and stops the windows streaking. You can also use vinegar to clean the microwave quickly and easily.


Basic white soap

We’re talking the cheap bars of toilet soap you can get in the supermarket, go for the basic value range they cost around 15-20p a bar. This soap is ace at getting pretty much anything squeaky clean! We love it for cleaning stainless steel it leaves it super shiny – it’s also pretty fab at getting stains out of laundry.


Antibacterial surface cleaner/disposable disinfectant wipes

There’s a few jobs in the kitchen I’m only happy with if I know 99.9% of all germs are dead! If I’ve been prepping raw chicken, meat or fish then I always clean down the surfaces with antibacterial surface cleaner. It’s the best way to avoid cross contamination which can lead to food poisoning.

Additionally at the end of every day there’s some kitchen germ hot spots that need some attention so I use antibacterial cleaner to clean the fridge and freezer door handle, light switches, door handles and bin lids.


Used sparingly but one I consider an essential to have in. I soak dishcloths/sponges in cold water with a squirt of bleach over night. According to the Hygiene Council study dish cloths are “bug superhighway of the kitchen” so keep them clean! Really clean!

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