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Organising the kitchen using zones works well for every kitchen no matter what the size. Believe me, I have a tiny kitchen with zero space and still squeeze in zones for the things that matter to me.

All you need to do is think about what you use your kitchen for, what things matter to you and your lifestyle. For some baking is a must and the space to do so essential, for other’s the kitchen is somewhere that doubles as an office, somewhere they create really quick food fixes alongside running a business.

Once you’ve selected your zones it’s just a case of re-jigging the kitchen contents to suit your needs.

Kitchen Organisation Zones 
Hot drinks & beverages

This area needs to include the kettle, coffee machine, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar, cups and saucers, mugs and any other bits and pieces you use for making drinks.

Sandwiches & toast

Gather together your toaster, bread board, bread bin, knives and sandwich spreads you can keep in the cupboard such as marmite, peanut butter, jams and anything else you like to spread on your bread. Position this zone by your crockery cupboard so that plates are easily to hand.


This area is best alongside or nearby the sandwich & toast zone. Keep your breakfast cereals, cereal bowls and spoons here.


Be it a cupboard, draw or counter top space, this area needs to include all your baking supplies, flours, sugars, cake sprinkles etc. Alongside your rolling pins, wooden spoons, mixing bowls, cake tins and trays and anything else you use for baking.


Store your crockery here, the dinner plates, side plates, bowls and cutlery. If you use napkins or table decorations pop them alongside.

General food cupboard

Fill this zone with your tinned and dried food – organise it nicely, decant dried goods into storage jars, stack your tins so they’re easy to see and access. Keeping this area neat makes food planning and writing shopping lists so much easier. Get our store cupboard essentials checklist to help with this.

Food preparation

This zone needs to accommodate your chopping boards and knives.


This zone can be as simple as a counter top box with all the regularly used cooking utensils and ingredients – so for me this is olive oil, vinegars, salt canister, black peppers, wooden utensils a couple of pots of fresh herbs like basil or coriander. I keep my dried herbs and spices close by this area just to cut down on all the walking around. Keep your pans in this area too – whether it’s a draw or cupboard by the oven and hob or hung from racks above.

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