Lovely little gifts tied up with string

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It doesn’t have to be much, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s always the thought that counts.

The simplest of gifts, just a little thank you or a sweet little reward for your child for good behaviour can be made into something super special with a tiny bit of effort, some brown paper, some paint and some string.

Keep it simple, the best things are always are.

What you need:

  • Roll of brown parcel paper
  • Coloured paint – any colour you like
  • Paintbrush
  • String

What you do:

  • Paint your design – go simple, here we’ve just used an initial, you can opt for shapes, patterns, dots work well.
  • Allow the paint plenty of time to dry fully.
  • Wrap your gift.
  • Tie with string – if you can use a nicely contrasting string, there’s lots of gorgeous strings available at craft shops that are just calling out to be tied around brown paper packages.

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