Make a herb wreath

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Sometimes the nicest things happen when you’re not expecting them too. I  hadn’t intended on making a herb wreath but whilst trimming back the herbs ready for winter, they just looked so pretty in the pile I thought I’d use them to make a decorative wreath and brighten up the garden gate.

Sometimes it’s nice to take half an hour with a coffee and just do something pretty, because you can!

What you need:

  • Wreath making ring
  • Pile of freshly chopped herbs and lavender or whatever else you have in the garden.

What you do:

  • Simply thread the herb stems through the wreath ring – keeping all the foliage going in the same direction.
  • Once the herbs are threaded – add lavender stems at regular intervals.
  • Hang it on a garden gate.

Hints & tips:

  • You can get multipacks of wreath rings from craft shops or Amazon and they’re handy to have in especially leading up to Halloween and Christmas when it’s nice to make your own celebration wreath.

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