Mission declutter!

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Always putting it off? Never knowing where to start? Decluttering and clearing through your ‘stuff’ can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a bit of a hoarder.

We’ve got a 31 day plan to just get you started with creating a less cluttered life style for yourself. One day, one thing.

Ready for Mission Declutter?

Day 1 – the tupperware cupboard

Sick of opening the cupboard and being showered with plastic boxes and mismatched lids? Get it sorted in just 20 minutes of your time. Throw away any old, damaged or unused plastic boxes, stack the ones that are left in size order. Stand the lids in size order next to them.

Day 2 – the noticeboard

Clear off the family noticeboard, go through all the papers and stuff you’ve pinned. Throw away the unwanted, irrelevant stuff, enter dates and events into your diary and only pin back on the board the things you truly need. You might like our School Organisation Station.

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Day 3 – under the sink

Notorious little corner for collecting clutter. Empty the cupboard, try to simplify the cleaning products you use, choose multipurpose products where possible and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Use storage crates to keep products in so that it’s easier to slide things in and out of the cupboard and find the things you want. It’s also best to store things in like-kinds groups. Eg) a box for kitchen cleaning products, a box for laundry products etc.

Day 4 – magazines 

Sort through your magazine rack, recycle anything you no longer want and only keep the magazines and newspapers you actually want to read. If you just want specific articles, cut them out and file them.

Day 5 – bathroom cabinets

Throw open the cupboards, empty them completely, throw away stuff that’s been open too long, anything you no longer want or need. Wipe out the cabinets and then put back what you’re keeping in a neat way that makes sense to you. Maybe it’s all your shampoo together, or all your body creams. Whatever works for you.

Day 6 – bedside table

These little stands end up totally cluttered. Empty them out, throw away anything you don’t want, put away the things that don’t actually belong there that have just been put down over time. Clean it and put the items you want to keep back. Add a vase of flowers too for added niceness. Little treats are always a good thing.

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Day 7 – the DVD drawer

Often just a rifled through pile off mess. Empty them out, get rid of what you don’t want and put the ones you do want back neatly, so you can easily see the film titles.

Day 8 – the hallway

Slim down that pile of coats hung in the hallway. Store accessories like gloves and scarves in neat baskets or crates and put away all the shoes and bags.

Day 9 – the desk drawers

It’s much easier to work if your work space is clear and organised. Start with clearing out your drawers. If you want to do a bit more in-depth organising here then you’ll like our ‘Brilliant Tips for Organising the Desk’

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Day 10 – the mail pile

That mountain of mail on the kitchen side, the one that keeps falling all over the floor. Clear it up. Go through the post, chuck out the rubbish, file the things you need.

Day 11 – the fridge 

Empty the fridge, throw out anything past it’s use by date. Wipe it down. Put the food back, wiping any sticky jars as you go.

Day 12 – the freezer

Go through your freezer food, throw out the food past it’s use by date. Make a note of what’s in the freezer and don’t forget to include it in the meal plans to get it used up.

Day 13 – linen cupboard

Empty out the linen cupboard. Be realistic about how much bed linen you need and get rid of anything no longer wanted. Put back the bed linen you want to keep and stack it in ‘sets’ so it’s easier to find.

Day 14 – towel cupboard

I like my towels folding super neat, think ‘spa like’ and the neater they are the more you can fit in and the easier they are to get in and out of the cupboard. Empty out your towels, get rid of anything old, tatty or threadbare and fold and store the ones you want back on the shelves. You might just like to check out my technique in my towel folding video.

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Day 15 – the junk drawer

Come on… we’ve all got one. Empty it out, throw out the obscure things you’ve kept for years and years just in case you ever work out what they are… and put the things you’re keeping back in neatly. Use drawer dividers or boxes/pots to store the little bits in so it doesn’t get quite as jumbled.

Day 16 – the medicine cabinet

Empty out the cabinet, get rid of any medicines that are past the use by date. Re stock the cupboard neatly, putting like-kinds together.

Day 17 – under the stairs

Might want to save this one for a weekend day. Empty out the contents, sort through them, get rid of any junk, vacuum the space then put back the things you want neatly. Use labelled storage boxes to keep things organised and easy to find.

Day 18 – paper work

Go through all your paperwork, shred anything no longer needed, deal with anything that needs attention and file the rest.

Day 19 – the food cupboards 

Empty out all the packets and tins. Throw out anything that’s past it’s use-by date. Put all the food you’re keeping back into the cupboards and make a note of things that need using up so you can include them in your meal plans.

Day 20 – on top of the kitchen cupboards

In a busy family home the tops of the kitchen cupboards often get filled with stuff that’s just put there to be out of reach of the kids! Clear it off, get rid of what’s no longer needed and find the stuff that you do want a proper home or store it back on the cupboard neatly. Tidying this area really makes a big difference to how the kitchen looks and feels.

Day 21 – kitchen utensil drawer

Go through your utensils and cutlery. Get rid of all those little plastic medicine spoons that end up in there, throw out the things you don’t need and get rid of anything you’ve got too many of. Give the drawer a wipe out and wash the cutlery storage. Refill it all neatly.

Day 22 – under the beds

If you do have to keep things under the bed then invest in under-bed storage boxes, you can pick these up quite cheaply from Supermarkets or IKEA. This will stop things getting dusty and ruined and make it much easier to clean properly. Throw out anything no longer needed and store away the rest neatly.

Day 23 – the craft cupboard

If you’ve got young children then you’ll probably have a craft cupboard, packed to bursting with a billion bits and pieces that have been saved for crafting with. Empty the cupboard, sort things into like kinds, store in labelled boxes or crates and re stack in the cupboard. It’ll make crafting so much easier!

Day 24 – cups and glasses

This cupboard is often stuffed to bursting and unless you’re expecting fifty people to suddenly drop by unexpectedly for cups of tea then you can probably thin out your mug collection. Go through the cupboard, throw out anything that’s chipped or unwanted and just keep and use the nice ones.

Day 25 – drink bottles and plastic cups

In a family home this is usually another cupboard that’s filled to bursting. Go through the cupboard, throw out any tatty items, or bottles without lids. Wipe the cupboard and refill with the items you want and need.

Day 26 – the toy cupboard

Another one for a weekend day and one to get the kids to help out with. Empty out all the toys, go through them all, get rid of broken or unwanted items. Get some storage boxes so that toys can be stored neatly in. This just makes it so much easier for kids to get them out and see what they’ve got to play with.

Day 27 – the wardrobe

This is a job best done seasonally. When it comes to decluttering the wardrobe you really cannot beat the KonMari method – we just love her way of folding clothes. Keeps things super neat.

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Day 28 – make up

Go through your make up bags and drawers, get rid of items that have been open too long or that you no longer need. Refill your drawer neatly, use drawer dividers to keep like items together.

Day 29 – handbags

Empty out your most-used handbags and declutter them. Get rid of all the old receipts, bits of paper tissue and notes and just put back what you need.

Day 30 – book shelves

I like to go through my collection of books every so often. Some books I know I’ll keep forever, some I’m happy to just read the once so don’t really need to keep. Just pack up anything you no longer want and find them a new home.

Day 31 – the kitchen windowsill

Always a place that gathers clutter in my house. And as soon as I clear it off then the kitchen feels so much bigger and brighter! Clear off the clutter, find it a proper home or throw it away and add some pots of fresh herbs instead.

how to declutter, decluttering tips, homemaking tips, organisation tips for family home


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