Mousehole or the Cornish way Mowzel

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low tide at Mousehole harbour.

Mousehole or the Cornish way “Mowzel” is a place I’ve wanted to visit since reading the children The Mousehole Cat story written by Antonia Barber. The Mousehole Cat is a delightful story inspired by the old Cornish legend of Tom Bawcock.

As legend has it one winter way back in the 16th Century the Mowzel villagers faced starvation a severe storm had hounded them for weeks and the fisherman hadn’t been able to get their fishing boats safely through the harbour ‘mousehole’ and out to sea to catch fish. As Christmas approached the legendary old Tom Bawcock took his boat out on the 23rd December into the stormy seas and didn’t come back until he’d landed fish to feed the villagers.

I think this story is all the more exciting if you buy it from the little Cat & Mouse gift shop that sits snugly by the harbour.

Cat & Mouse gift shop Mouseholes, Mouseholes fishing village Cornwall, Cornish fishing villages, places to visit in Cornwall, things to do in Cornwall, Cornish pasties, Daisies & Pie, daisies and pie

The Mouseholes Cat & Mouse gift shop

To this day the Mousehole village lights up the harbour at Christmas time and the Tom Bawcock Eve festival is held every year to celebrate his bravery. There’s a lantern parade and the villagers feast on stargazy pie in his honour.

Christmas lights Mouseholes, Christmas lights at Mouseholes photo by Paul Watts, Mousehole Christmas lights, Places to visit in Cornwall, Days out in Cornwall for kids, The Mousehole Cat story, Daisies & Pie, Daisies and Pie

Christmas lights at Mouseholes – photo by Paul Watts

Stargazy Pie is an old classic Cornish dish of  pilchards, potatoes and cheesy sauce wrapped in pastry – the heads of the pilchards or sardines sticking through the pastry gazing supposedly at the stars. There’s a good stargaze pie recipe over on BBC Food.

One of the nicest places to visit in Cornwall, Mousehole is every bit the picturesque Cornish fishing village you would expect it to be. With lovely little cottages tucked into the hillside and the views from the little beachside gardens are the stuff of my Cornish life dreams.

Mouseholes fishing village, cornish fisherman's cottages, places to visit in Cornwall, things to do in Cornwall, Daisies & Pie, daisies and pie

how I long to live in a little Cornish cottage like this at Mouseholes


sea view cottages Cornwall, Mouseholes fishing village Cornwall, Places to visit in Cornwall, things to do in Cornwall, Cornish fishing harbour, Daisies and Pie, Daisies & Pie

a stunning view out to sea.


Mouseholes beach, Cornish fishing village, the mousehole cat story, places to visit in Cornwall, Things to do in Cornwall, Daisies & Pie, Daisies and Pie

Looking out to sea from the rocky beach at Mouseholes

There’s a fab little selection of shops from art galleries, interiors shops inspired by coastal living to delicious foodie shops and of course the Ship Inn with dishes like Moules mariniere – local Cornish mussels cooked in garlic & white wine served with local granary bread or perhaps the Lamb & ‘Cornish Rattler’ stew a lamb stew cooked in a rich tomato and ‘Cornish Rattler’ cider sauce served with warm local bread. My mouth waters just thinking of them!

There’s little sad reminders of the dangers of the sea scattered around Mouseholes from the Fitzroy Barometer set into the thick stone wall. Loaned to Mouseholes in 1854 by Admiral Fitzroy  founder of the Meteorological Society to not only gather data but to also help warn fisherman of pending bad weather in an attempt to saves lives.

Fitzroy Barometer, Founder of the Meteorological Society, Storm Warnings, Mousehole Harbour Authority, Mousehole Cornwall, Places to go in Cornwall, Days out in Cornwall, Daisies & Pie, Daisies and Pie

The Fitzroy Barometer

And the plaque of remembrance on the wall of the Ship Inn in memory of the Mousehole men lost in the Penlee lifeboat tragedy in 1981. As beautiful and stunning as the sea can be a poignant reminder of just how dangerous and quickly things can change.

If looking for things to do in Cornwall, it’s easy to spend a day in Mousehole the beautiful winding narrow streets of the village to explore, the picturesque fishermen’s cottages, the busy little harbour, the whole place breathes seafaring history. Eat Cornish pasties, linger and breath in the atmosphere for a good while.

I only recommend the nicest most interesting places to visit – this is one of them – Enjoy!

Thanks to to Visit Cornwall for help with the Mousehole Harbour Lights photograph & if you’re looking for things to do with kids UK – head over to the Visit Cornwall website for some fab Cornish inspiration. 

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  1. Brigitte says

    I love Mousehole too. We spent a week there in a fabulous little cottage one February half term two years ago. The weather was great and the village was quiet so driving through the narrow streets and parking on the harbour wall was easy. I’m not sure if the same could be said if we stayed in August as it’s quite rightly a very popular place to visit. We ate out at The Ship and joined in on the quiz night which was great fun. There’s plenty of great places to eat but I’m hoping that when we go to Cornwall in the summer we get to visit The Rockpool. A fabulous vintage tearoom with stunning views.

  2. Jen aka The Mad House says

    I remember visiting with my mum and dad when I was a child and getting told off in the pub for no0t using the correct pronunciation. It is a beautiful place

    • says

      Jen – I can’t tell you how much I wanted to stay forever – the gorgeous little old cottages with the tiny gardens with so much packed into them just overlooking the beach – little outdoor tables & chairs tucked away with sea view oh it is so beautiful!

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