Must have Christmas toys 2016

Here’s the list of Must have Christmas toys 2016! These are the toys that are sure to crop up on your children’s Christmas wish lists.

1. Hatchimals

hatchimals, must have christmas toy 2016

Number one must have toy! Hatchimals are going to be HUGE this year, basically if your kid wants one and you’ve not already bought it…. get searching now before it’s too late! HatchimalsTM are interactive magical creatures that really hatch themselves from eggs, with your help!

Nestled inside a brightly, speckled egg, the Hatchimal relies on a child’s curiosity, care and nurturing. The Hatchimal responds to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through taps, pecks, lights and sound; which Hatchimal is inside is only revealed when it hatches.

The hatch is a moment in time, never to be repeated, but this is just the beginning of the experience. The child is the key to releasing the magic of the toy, and with care, they can raise their Hatchimal through three phases, from baby to full-grown Hatchimal, teaching it to walk, talk, play games and more.

Available from Argos priced £59.99

2. Tiny Treasures Baby Doll

tiny treasures baby doll, must have christmas toys 2016

A lifelike baby doll from Chad Valley is weighted to feel like a new-born baby! It features sleepy eyes, silky new-born hair, super-soft skin and an authentic scent of baby aroma! Just WOW!  Available as boy or girl doll.

Available exclusively from Argos – £39.99

3. Furby Connect

furby connect, must have christmas toys 2016

Super cute Furby Connect is a digitally-integrated creature which acts as an interactive companion, it is totally packed full of personality. Uses Bluetooth® technology it connects kids to video, music and games. The Furby Connect can utter over 1000 phrases and get’s to show it’s mood through colourful animation which is displayed on the LCD screen eyes! Awwww think I’d quite like one of these myself!

Available from Argos – £79.99

4. SelfieMic

selfiemic, must have toys christmas 2016

The SelfieMic is firmly on Christmas lists at our house! Worlds Apart Selfie Mic is bringing karaoke bang up to date. Wannabe pop stars can make their own music videos with this brilliant selfie stick which features karaoke microphone, ear piece and music app.

Available from Argos – £19.99

5. Animal Jam


A gorgeous gift for pet loving kids. Animal Jam is the number 1 online social game for kids, it’s created in association with National Geographic and is brought to life with this adorable collection of toys. All the playthings come with exclusive codes which allow you to unlock content and special features within the online game. The range includes stocking fillers up to 7″ cuddly toy characters.

Available from £2.49 upwards from Argos, Smyths, Toys R Us etc

6. Rainbow Rage

rainbow rage game, must have christmas toys 2016

Rainbow Rage is a new spot-the-difference game from Radio DJ and TV presenter Matt Edmondson.  Fast, grabby and super zeitgeist-y, there are three levels of skill – easy, hard and mind-melting – all based around the seven famous colours (which in this game like to swap places), players will find themselves amazed at how such a beautiful thing as a rainbow can make them feel so rage-ey!

7. Gobbit 

gobbit game, must have christmas toys 2016Gobbit is a fast and frantic card game that demands strong powers of observation, steadfast concentration and otherworldly reflexes, based on the animal food chain. Gobbit is a reaction-based, superfast card- slapping game where the winner is the last player to still have cards. Gobbit is an incredibly addictive game that all ages will want to play again and again!

Available from Firebox priced at £14.99

Thanks to our lovely friend Lesley Singleton*, Head of Play at Playtime PR for the inside info on what’s hot this Christmas and helping us parents get a head start on tracking the toys down before it’s too late!

*honestly she’s practically one of Santa’s inner-circle elves, what she doesn’t know about toys isn’t worth knowing!

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, just a list of what’s going to be hot this Christmas, the toys your kids are going to be asking for and where to find them. 

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