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We love a party here at Daisies & Pie and with the Christmas party season upon us we’ve been trying out the drink delivery company 31 Dover.

If you’ve not visited the 31 Dover site you totally should, they offer a completely gorgeous range of wine, champagne, spirits, craft beer, cider, liqueurs and gifts! (which with that whole next day delivery thing they’ve got going on, is always super handy to know around this time of year)

You can place a little one bottle order, or order your whole party and as long as it’s done by 4pm it’ll arrive the next day and super convenient delivery is one of my favourite things! If you’re not sure what you want or wish to discuss your order, or maybe get some recommendations,  just call them up and they’ll help you out, they’re good like that!

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So… what did I order, oh, only LIGHT UP sparkling rosé. I mean, what better way to start a party than with illuminated bottles of wine! This is the completely beautiful bottle of Luc Belaire Fantome Rosé  in it’s iconic black bottle with the light up label that lights up in a funky magenta pink, which I just love!

light up champagne from 31 dover, party drinks delivered to your home

Naturally the Sparkling Rosé inside is delicious, it’s a light, refreshing drink but still has a rich, warm, slightly spicy taste. Perfect for serving at winter parties… and did I mention… THE BOTTLE LIGHTS UP?

If you’re planning any festive parties, or hunting for a lovely alcohol gift for someone special, or just want to grab yourself a light up bottle of sparkling rosé head on over to 31 Dover.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of 31 Dover,  for full details of my disclosure policy please read here. 

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