Pebble people kids craft

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We just adore this little pebble craft. These super cute pebble people are really easy to make, really easy to customise and design in your own characters and give hours of imaginative play once they’re ready.

A gorgeous nature craft that kids will just love.

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What you need to make pebble people

  • a selection of pebbles of different sizes for different pebble people family members.
  • sharpies to draw on pebble people facial features
  • scraps of cloth and wool to create pebble people clothes
  • glue
  • scissors

How to make your pebble people

  • Using sharpies draw on faces and hair
  • Cut scraps of material into outfit shapes and glue onto your pebble.
  • Use wool to create hair if you like
  • Let your pebble family dry and then you’re ready to play.
  • You could take this nature craft a step further and create them a little play house out in the garden.

This craft will take around 1-2 hours depending on how intricate you make your people and is suitable for kids from around 4 years old (with help)

pebble people, nature craft for kids, how to make pebble people, autumn activities for kids

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