Pirate Puppet Printables

Super cute pirate craft for kids, pirate puppet printables, summer crafts

Something about the summer that makes me want to do all of the seaside themed crafts with the kids. And our super cute pirate puppets are easy, fun and great for imaginative play. 

You’ll only need a few things for this craft so it’s inexpensive to make. Plus there’s loads of room for adding extras and getting the kids to use their imaginations not only with a little art and craft but also role play and story telling. 

What you need to make pirate puppets and pirate ship
  • a copy of our printable – get it here
  • colouring pens or crayons
  • egg box lid
  • brown paint
  • 5 lolly sticks
  • scissors
  • glue 
  • sticky tape
  • black marker pen/paint
  • small ball of playdoh
How to make pirate puppets and pirate ship
  • colour in the pirates, parrot and pirate ship sail.
  • cut them out
  • stick the pirates and parrot to lolly sticks.
  • paint egg box brown and draw on some pirate ship features.
  • tape two lolly sticks together to make the pirate ship mast.
  • attach the sail either with sticky tape or by standing it in the playdoh and pop the Jolly Roger flag on top.
Further play opportunities
  • make some extra features – a treasure chest filled with gold or paper mache desert island.
  • create stories or put on puppet shows.

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