Purepotions Natural Haircare Review



Purepotions Natural Haircare Review, vegan shampoo, natural shampoo and conditioner

We’ve been trying out the new Purepotions Natural Haircare range, this ultra-natural shampoo and conditioner are free from all sorts of nasty stuff and packed full of nourishing natural ingredients, including organic cold pressed oils, herbal tinctures, botanical essences and essential oils. 

As a mama of three children I’m quite careful about what products I use in and around the home and of course on them, so do try to choose natural products wherever I can. I was really pleased to see the Purepotions haircare range is such a gentle formula it can be used even on really sensitive skin and those suffering from eczema. It can even be used on babies from 6 weeks old. 

The Purepotions natural shampoo is a dream to use, but as it’s a natural product you need to apply it a little differently as it doesn’t foam up in the same way synthetic formulas do. As me and my daughter have really long hair, we found it worked best if when we smeared on a small amount of shampoo in several different places all over our hair before working it into the hair and scalp. Done this way it was much easier to massage the shampoo into our hair and to really get good coverage. 

The shampoo has a really lovely warming, woody, natural scent, and I think you could really smell the clove oil. It’s scent is deliciously natural so really take your time working it into your hair and enjoy it. It’s easy to rinse and leaves hair feeling very clean and fresh. 

For luscious results, follow the Purepotions shampoo with the natural conditioner. The conditioner has the same natural warming scent, again as it’s a natural product, it applies a little differently, it doesn’t give the same ease of gliding on that synthetic conditioners do, so we applied small amounts along the length of our hair before working it into our hair and scalp. 

Again, it’s good to take time doing this, I really worked it into my scalp and along the length of my hair, and left it in for a good 5-6 minutes to really nourish my hair. When rinsed, it leaves hair feeling clean and soft. 

The big test with haircare products though is how it feels and looks once hair is dried, often with natural products, they leave my hair feeling a bit strange and static. This one didn’t, it left my hair really easy to detangle and comb through, and once dried it felt super soft and conditioned. My hair also has a light, swishy feeling about it. 

We really like this range, it leaves our hair feeling fresh and clean, nourished and conditioned. Big thumbs up! 

Disclosure – the Purepotions shampoo and conditioner were sent over for review free of charge – all opinions are my own. For more details of my disclosure policy see above. 

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