Radox Kids Review

radox kids bath review, kids bath products, family life from daisies and pie

Radox Kids is the new range of rather lovely bath & body wash, shampoo and hand wash with an extra gentle, soft formula that’s specially designed for kids.

Radox Kids have teamed with Disney to make the range fun and appealing to kids, so your kids get to choose from gorgeous Anna and Elsa from Frozen or a Star Wars version (which is currently gracing the side of our bath tub, because when you’re a five year old boy, if it’s not Star Wars it’s just not happening!)

radox kids bath review, kids bath products, family life from daisies and pie

The Radox Kids range comes in sturdy, pump action bottles, which make it super easy for your child to develop independence and learn to wash themselves. The pump action is really easy for little hands to operate which means they can easily squirt out the shampoo or body wash themselves and use it. And if your kids are still to young for that, then as a parent you’ll find the pump action bottle much easier than faffing about with unscrewing lids and tipping up bottles.

The Star Wars range has a lovely fresh apple scent and is nice and bubbly. It leaves skin soft and smooth and hair beautifully clean, shiny and smelling really fresh. If you opt for the Frozen range then the scent is soft rose and lovely and floral.

The little Olaf hand wash is definitely a winner! At this time of year when kids can pick up lots of nasty winter bugs, getting them into a routine of washing their hands regularly is important and anything that helps with that is always a good thing.

The Radox Kids Shampoo and Bath & Body Wash are priced at £2.50 each and £1.80 for the hand wash, this is an affordable range and one I’ll be adding to my shop on a regular basis.

Disclosure – the Radox Kids range was provided free of charge for the purposes of the review. For full details of my disclosure policy please read here

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