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Throwing a Halloween party this weekend or maybe just a spooky little family night in and need a little party food inspiration? Want Halloween party food that’s ridiculously easy, low fuss and tastes really good? I’m thinking you need to head over to Iceland like I did.

This is the first time I’ve tried Iceland party food, I usually make my own, but this year I wanted stuff to just be so easy, and Iceland with the #PowerOfFrozen offered me just that. Shopping in Iceland was actually really convenient, it took me only 10 minutes to do my party food shop! Once home, in less than an hour I’d cooked up a totally spooktacular feast and spent less than £25! Bargain right?!

Fancy a tour of my table?

Iceland party sausage rolls – £3 for pack of 12 and Iceland breaded cheese bites £3 for pack of 12

These are just so good! I was genuinely surprised at the quality of these, they tasted like ‘posh’ sausage rolls and the pork and chorizo ones were just totally yum! Delicious puff pastry and nice shiny glazed finish. Ready in just 20 minutes from frozen. I mingled a few breaded cheese bites in amongst the sausage rolls. They taste really good, the quality was fantastic and value for money amazing!

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Iceland chicken goujons – £1 for pack of 16

Can’t beat a stack of chicken goujons at a kids party, they love them. These were nice, crunchy and perfect for dipping in Mexican style dips. Again, just £1 and ready in 15 minutes. I was impressed!

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Iceland jumbo tempura prawns – £3 for pack of 18

These are just perfect for Halloween, I re-named them spooky crispy fingers and served them in a pumpkin cauldron. Ooooh these were really tasty, crispy, light and totally yum and again, I was really impressed with the quality.  Be sure to pick up a pack or two of these. Cooked and ready in just 15 minutes.

iceland tempura jumbo prawns, halloween party food ideas, easy halloween food

Iceland sticky chicken skewers – £3 for pack of 16

Just so tasty! Gorgeously sweet and sticky chicken skewers and yes they tasted much more expensive than they are! They come wrapped in 2 packs of 8 so you can use the quantity that suits you, which is just so convenient. And they cook in just 22 minutes from frozen. Be warned though, these disappeared from the table FAST!

iceland sticky chicken skewers, easy halloween party food, sticky chicken skewers

Iceland mini deep dish pizzas – £3 for pack of 18

These mini pizzas are packed full of flavour, they’re light and a really good size for parties. We added a half olive to each one because eyeball pizza is so much better when you’re six years old…. These mini pizzas cook in just 12 minutes and they come wrapped in sets of three, so you just need to take out the quantity you want.

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And of course, there’s always room for dessert!

Iceland mini chocolate eclairs £1 for pack of 12

All you have to do with these is just defrost them for 30 minutes at room temperature. They taste really good and are definitely worth picking up…. (did I mention ONE POUND???)


Iceland mini melt in the middle puddings – £3 for pack of 12

Oooooh these are just so decadently delicious! There are six of each flavour, salted caramel and Belgian chocolate. They taste really good, especially the chocolate puddings, the dark ‘chocolate’iness’ really comes through. These take just 14 minutes to cook.

iceland melt in the middle puddings, easy halloween party food, easy halloween puddings

And, whilst you’re in Iceland you should probably pick up a few boxes of Mr Kipling Halloween cakes because they’re just so CUTE! And don’t forget if you buy 3 packs of party food you get a tub of Swizzels Party Mix free, perfect for little trick or treaters.

My top tips for throwing together  Halloween Party Food 

  • Make life easy for yourself and buy it all ready done!
  • You could save even more time and order it online for home delivery!
  • Switch-up regular party food to make it spooky – eyeball pizza (add an olive) blood and guts dip (tip out the salsa) bat kebabs (add a rubber bat to the plate)
  • Use cheap and cheerful Halloween decorations to make your party table look like you spent loads of time over cooking up the food.
  • Where you can use paper plates and bowls then there’s less washing up to do.

easy halloween party food ideas


Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post on behalf of Iceland,  for full details of my disclosure policy please read here. 

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