Reboot after mama burnout

How to reboot from mama burnout, mom life hacks, family life

Mama burnout is that horrible feeling you get after weeks and weeks of being far too busy, not getting enough sleep, maybe looking after poorly kids, which always seems relentless at this time of year.

You kind of get stuck in a rut, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much coffee and eating too much sugar for energy kicks, grabbing quick carb heavy meals, generally not getting time for yourself and feeling run down, under the weather and stressed.

A reboot after mama burnout is important, really important! You kinda need to reprogram your day, take stock and put some more emphasis into being kind to yourself. For me it’s about a few simple things, no harsh schedule or rules or expensive ‘life changing’ gadgets, it’s just putting an extra effort into being kind to myself.

So when mama burnout hits here’s how I get back on track…


I make a big effort to get a week of early nights, in bed by 9pm. I leave the iPhone switched off so I’m not tempted to keep checking Facebook or Twitter.  I read a book and I get the lights out by 10pm latest.


I cut back on the caffeine, this also helps me to sleep better. I drink a lot more water to hydrate and I put a conscious effort into eating a healthy breakfast one that contains at least 2 of my 5 a day. I switch sugary empty calorie snacks for fruit, or a cup of vegetable soup. I also make sure I add extra vegetables to dinners.


I make sure I walk for at least 30 minutes a day even if it’s raining and freezing cold, getting outdoors totally lifts my spirits and the exercise really gives me a boost. It’s surprisingly easy to squeeze in 30 minutes walking, it can be as simple as walking to school the long way or walking to the shops instead of hopping in the car. Just little changes.


It can be hard squeezing in time to relax, especially when you’re really busy and if you’ve got young kids. As much as a spa weekend would be lovely…. in reality mama relaxation for me is more often than not much simpler. Think bubble bath and 10 minutes peace, a 10 minute yoga session (I just pick one I fancy of YouTube and go for it), or even just a cup of tea, held cupped with two hands sat on the back step works for me.

It would be nice if I always lived life like this, but it never quite works out that way, I’ll enjoy my reboot whilst it lasts.

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