Simple hand tied spring posy

Hand tied spring bouquet, spring flowers, boho flowers, homemaking tips

A simple hand tied spring posy is the most beautiful way to display flowers. I’d rather have a simple hand tied posy of spring flowers than any other kind, if I can pick them from the garden I will, otherwise I buy simple blooms to bunch together. 

You can put together a simple posy very cheaply, especially if you pick up your flowers from supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl and just combine them with a few hand picked flowers. 

You can tie them with simple parcel string, ribbon or just a strip of cheesecloth, your aiming for understated beauty and rustic charm with this project. 

Lovely flowers to include in your hand tied spring posy
  • tulips
  • daffodils
  • bluebells
  • lilacs
  • freesia 
  • cherry blossom
  • roses
What you need to make a hand tied spring posy
  • selection of flowers
  • ribbon or string
  • vases or jars to display your flowers in.
How to make a hand tied spring posy

simple hand tied spring bouquet, rustic hand tied flowers, spring flower bouquet, homemaking tips,

  • Arrange your flowers – I like a jumbled arrangement, very rustic. 
  • Gently tie the stems at mid height
  • Display in a vase or jam jar or fresh water. 

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