Small space urban living with IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp


IKEA have designed the PS 2014 especially for small urban living. The range is filled with fab pieces of multifunctional furniture ideally suited to the busy urbanites life. Urban living often means space constraints and a bigger need for pieces to work harder.

This month we are featuring the PS 2014 LED stool. A lovely fun piece. This stool is a handy little mash-up of stool and lamp. It’s shape and bright orange pop of colour fit effortlessly into the modern family home and best of all once the lamp is fully charged you can unplug it and move it wherever you like.

The PS 2014 LED stool lamp works really well outdoors.

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IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp – outdoors as a foot stool.

And once darkness falls – switch on the LED stool lamp for a lovely glow of light and cosy atmosphere.

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IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp outdoors as a soft light.


Get the look: Garden chairs IKEA PS VAGO £25 each, wooden steps IKEA painted white & blue, plant pots from various ranges at IKEA, IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp priced £45. Dualit DAB kitchen radio priced around £130, candle sticks from Laura Ashley, garden shed painted in white and yellow outdoor gloss beach hut style. 


Indoors the IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp has many uses – perfect height for creating art!

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IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp indoors

Get the look:  IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp priced £45, chalkboard IKEA MALA priced £16, red sideboard IKEA PS cabinet priced £70, tea light holders IKEA VISKA priced £4, small storage box IKEA GLIS priced £1.50/3, Live-Love print from a range at Wink Design.

The IKEA PS 2014 LED stool lamp also works very well in the kitchen for kids to stand on and help out with the cooking and it often makes it’s way up to the bedroom at night as a soft glowing night light – once charged it provides 8 full hours of soft light – great in a bedroom where monsters might be hiding in the dark!

A fun piece of furniture with a lovely pop of orange and one that has fitted in effortlessly.

Disclaimer – sponsored post on behalf of IKEA for full details of my disclosure policy read here.  

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