Stocking filler ideas for adults


We’ve been checking out the festive gorgeousness at dotcomgiftshop and have picked out our favourite stocking fillers for adults. We’d be happy to have any one of these lovely things slipped in our stockings.

1. Wooden elephant ornament

This gorgeous wooden elephant ornament would make a quirky little addition to any shelf. Priced at just £4.95.

wooden elephant ornament, stocking fillers at dotcomgiftshop


2. Songbird keyring and birdhouse holder

We just love this adorable little keyring, it’d sit quite happily by the door and would mean I wouldn’t keep misplacing my keys! Priced at £4.95

songbird keyring and birdhouse holder, stocking fillers for adults from dotcomiftshop

3. Festive Christmas toilet roll

This one just makes us laugh! Festive Christmas toilet roll is priced at £3.95

festive christmas toilet roll, stocking filler for adults


4. Vintage style flask

Slipping this gorgeous little flask inside a stocking is sure to conjure up thoughts of winter walks, sipping hot chocolate on the beach… whether or not you get around to it is another thing. Priced at just £12.95.

vintage vacuum flask, vintage apple design vacuum flask with cup, stocking fillers for adults

5. Love sign

We love this gorgeous metal Love sign, perfect for adding a pop of colour to a little corner. Priced at just £5.95.

Love sign, metal sign with love, stocking fillers for adults,


Disclaimer: Sponsored post on behalf of Dotcomgiftshop, for full details of my disclosure policy please read here. 

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