The Best Back To School Hacks

The best Back to School mum hacks for real mums, parenting tips, family life hacks

The BEST back to school hacks put together by real mums, all these hacks are easy, actually achievable and will make the whole back to school thing so much smoother! 

Night Before Preparation
  • Colour code the kids hangers so they know which colour hangers hold their uniform and it’s quicker to grab – Mandi from Hex Mum Blog 
  • Set everything out the night before and sometimes even for a few days – all the clothes down to underwear. Laura from The Mamma Fairy
  • Hang an entire uniform on one hanger to make it easier to grab in the morning, and set shoes out ready by the front door the night before. Jo from Cup of Toast
  • EVERYTHING prepared the night before, uniforms out, shoes and bags at the door, lunch ready, breakfast bowls and spoons on table with cereal and covered with clingfilm – little jugs milk in fridge so just take them out the fridge and put on the table for kids to take off cling film and pour themselves whilst I get ready. Luciana from Word Up, Mum!
  • We shower in the evenings during term time, means it’s one less thing to fit in in the mornings. I find I’m much less rushed this way. Kirsty from Winnettes
  • If you’ve got girls, braid their hair while it’s damp and get them to sleep in it. That way you’ve got an instant snazzy hairstyle when they wake up. Jenny from Mummy Saver, Money Maker
  • Have 5 boxes or trays (one for each day of the week) filled with everything you need ready on the Sunday night – iron and fold uniforms, look out appropriate after school activity bits and have them all ready and waiting to make the mornings that little bit easier. Kirsty from Life with Boys
Time Management
  • Get in a good school day routine, one that works for you. 
  • Plan to be at school before you need to. Sounds daft, but we are in the playground at 8.30 every morning which gives my daughter time to play and run around and I can chat to the mums before she goes in at 8.50. This 20 minute contingency has been a life saver on a few occasions, especially when I forgot it was non uniform day! Jodie from Maidenhead Mum
  • As we head into our first term, we are practicing the morning routine so it’s not a complete shock.  Sinead Latham
Packed Lunch Hacks 
Home from School Routine
  • Always have after school snacks ready, it just means the kids will be far nicer! Get our best ideas below. After school snack ideas for kids, easy family food from daisies and pie
  • Get a sorting box by the front door, for bags & shoes . They walk in take shoes off and put bags away – then in the morning there is no mad panic. Emma – The Cheshire Wife 
Get Homework Stuff Organised and Sorted
  • Have a pot filled with pens, pencils, and scissors ready for when they need to complete their homework! – Sarah from What The Kids Wore
  • Do homework the night it’s set (unless impossible) so that it’s not a mad dash the morning it’s due – especially big project ones like make a volcano etc! No one needs that kind of stress before their 1st coffee of the day! Nathalie from The Intolerant Gourmand
  • Make a school organisation station to keep on top of everything! 

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School Uniform Laundry Hacks 
Uber Mum Tips 
  • Make friends with Mums who have children around two years older than yours then you can inherit their old school uniform. Nikki  from Yorkshire Wonders.
  • Set reminders in your calendar and phone for EVERYTHING! Sarah from Digital Motherhood
  • Have a copy of their lesson timetable stuck on the fridge, I know when he has PE/Food/Technology and even if he’s not organised with his kit and aprons I make sure he has them on the correct days. Simone from Married To A Geek
  • I have a calendar which i write all the school events on! Things like curriculum evening, and our school have several sessions where parents are welcome in. So I write those on too! Jaymee from The Mum Diaries
  • Don’t leave shop shopping until the end of the summer holidays! It is bedlam! Georgina from Gee Gardner
  • Put a sticker on the underneath of the shoes so younger children can easily tell which shoe is for which foot! Sophie from Soph-Obsessed
  • Book your shoe fitting appointment online – don’t just turn up, booked online means your straight to the front of the queue. 

Any to add? 

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