The big Christmas clean


The big pre-Christmas clean, decluttering tips, cleaning tips

I love the big Christmas clean, as tempting as it is to just throw Christmas all over the house and hope it covers the mess… it really is a great idea to do a deep clean of your home and really clean top to bottom in every room, especially if you’ve got kids, kids = mess.

Why I do the big Christmas clean

  • Because then my house is properly clean and decluttered for the holidays, it makes it feel good to be in.
  • It gives me a chance to take stock, look at what I own and get rid of stuff I don’t want anymore.
  • I love the sense of satisfaction that I get from an organised house and how easy it makes life!
  • It gives me chance to go through the kids toys and clothes and give-away things that are no longer used, oh… and make room for the new things.
  • Once the house is really clean and organised, housework takes less time which means more time for spending with family and friends, which is great for over Christmas when it’s busy.

How I do the big Christmas clean 

  • I print off the ‘spring clean checklists’ I start in the bedrooms and work my way around the house, one room at a time. And even though I do a spring clean every year in the spring, by December, I still manage to get 1-2 black bags of rubbish/charity shop donations out of every room. It usually takes me several days to do my big Christmas clean, so it’s something I kick off late November/early December.

Once I’ve finished the clean I drop off the charity donations at the shop and then we make a big fuss of spending a day decorating the house, getting Christmassy and throwing ourselves into the Christmas spirit with festive food, mince pies and wine.

I love the big Christmas clean, it’s tradition, my mum and grandma used to do it and so now I do it… maybe the big Christmas clean is a Northern thing?


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    • says

      Sarah I even look forward to doing it! Ha – how mad is that? Wouldn’t feel properly Christmassy without the BIG CLEAN and I love it more than the spring one too 🙂

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