Tidying up the garden for autumn

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Autumn garden’s are a fantastic place to be as the seasons shift from summer and move right on into winter, the garden is just filled with wonderful colours, scents and wildlife.

It’s also a time when you need to start tidying away summer and getting the garden ready for the coming winter.

Tidy the vegetable patch – tending to the autumn produce, packing your pumpkins on a bed of straw, clearing the patch, digging in fertiliser, cleaning cold frames and the greenhouse. All key autumn jobs. Head over to Allotment & Gardens for a run down on what to harvest, what to sew and what to tend to in the veg plot during September and October.

Flower beds and shrubs – clear out straggly summer flowers, weeding, fertilising soil, pruning and cutting back perennials and shrubs all need tending too. Get the full autumn garden checklist from Gardena .

Tidy up the lawn – rake up leaves, mow the lawn and tend to any lawn care needs before the temperatures drop.

Pathways & patios – sweep up any leaves and clean the pathways and patios to rid them of any mossy build up which can make surfaces super slippy during the damp cold months.

Make leaf mulch – it’s free and it’s super easy to make, a fab soil conditioner. Head over to RHS for the run down on how to make your own.

Garden furniture – wash, dry and store garden furniture to protect it over winter. Make sure you treat and care for any wooden furniture before storing. Cushions and soft covers are best washed and stored in the house so they don’t get mould or mildew on them.

Winter proof – check garden structures and fences are secure and up to facing wet, wild and windy weather throughout winter. Any loose pots or accessories should be stored away safely until spring.

Gutters – clear leaf debris from gutters to prevent leaks and damp over the winter.

Tidy the shed – tidy out the shed and put items you’ll need easy access too during winter to the front.

Give wildlife a home – autumn is a great time to put into place some wildlife friendly garden features. It can be as simple as a bug hotel or a place for feeding the birds. The RSPB have got loads of project ideas for encouraging wildlife to the garden.

natural bird feeder, kabocha squash, RSPB bird feeder, welcoming wildlife to garden

bird feeder made with squash

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