Tin can lanterns in ten minutes

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These are the quickest little lanterns ever, they literally take just ten minutes and I love them. They’re rough, urban, totally junky and super cute dotted around the garden on a warm summer night. You can even make these whilst camping.

What you need to make tin can lanterns

how to make tin can tea light holders, tin can lanterns, up cycling tin can, quick craft project

  • tin cans – label removed, washed and dried.
  • a punch hole piercing tool (or just use a penknife screw-driver)
  • a couple handfuls of gravel
  • tea light candles
  • cup of coffee….

How to make tin can lanterns

  • decide on your pattern – hearts, leaves and flowers all work well.
  • grab your hole piercing tool and punch the holes through the tin can carefully.
  • add a small handful of gravel to the base of the can, just to give it a little weight to stop it blowing over in the wind. Lifting the candle a little higher in the tin can also makes it easier to light with a match.

That’s it! Easy, simple, twinkly and pretty.

how to make tin can lanterns, tin can tea light holders, quick garden lanterns, tin can candle holders, quick craft project

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