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Meal planning is a great way to keep organised and save time and money. There’s a few different ways to organise meal planning and get inspiration for dinner ideas. You just need to work out the best one for your family.

Dinner theme days

I love this idea (we originally found over on Halsa Nutrition) just choose a dinner theme for each day of the week and then pick a dinner that suits the theme. This way seems to make it so much easier and quicker to plan meals.

Rolling 2 week menu

For this meal planning method, you just need to work out 14 dinners your family like. You can keep this type of meal plan all year around and just switch up your recipes to make them more summery or wintery. This way is also good if you like to do freezer meals as you can cook up double and freeze half for use in a couple of weeks time.

Weekly meal plan

This is the one I tend to stick with, just making sure I look through the cupboards and see what needs using up and incorporate it into my meal plans. I also find that even though I meal plan, I like to food shop every couple of days, that way you can take advantage of bargains and swap and change to save more money.

If you need a little dinner inspiration we’ve got loads of pre-filled in meal plans and recipes here.

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