Vegetarian Valentine’s Day dinner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this completely delicious vegetarian dinner. Perfect for cooking up for the love in your life… or just eating because it’s yum! Every dish on our Valentine’s Day dinner menu is simple to make.

Valentine’s Day dinner – vegetarian starter

asparagus and watercress bruschetta

Asparagus and watercress bruschetta

Simple sourdough toast, topped with fresh watercress, torn mozzarella, griddled asparagus and a drizzle of olive oil. Easy to make, delicious to eat. Get the bruschetta recipe here.

Valentine’s Day dinner vegetarian main course

new potato and crumbly Lancashire tart

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This ‘cheat’ tart can be thrown together in next to no time, which means less time cooking and more time relaxing. Shop bought pastry topped with baby new potatoes and tangy crumbly Lancashire cheese, serve alongside our earthy beetroot salad which can be made ahead of time.

Valentine’s Day dinner vegetarian dessert

dark fruits with frozen yogurt 

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A healthily decadent and utterly lazy dessert – ready in just a couple of minutes. Throw some dark fruits into a bowl and top with a creamy frozen yogurt.

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