Ways to make a small house feel bigger

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These days a lot of modern family homes and apartments are compact, but there’s lots of ways you can make a small house feel bigger. Having that feeling of light, air and spaciousness can make even the tiniest of living spaces feel much better.


Keep window dressings to a minimum, don’t opt for fussy, heavy drapes and curtains, choose blinds or a light muslin to keep the window area looking wide and letting the maximum amount of natural light into the room.

Colour scheme

Choose light natural tones, pale grey, blue, stone or off white shades. Paint skirting boards and doors in the same colour palette, perhaps just a shade lighter or darker to define them whilst keeping a feeling of calm and space.


Hard flooring is preferable over carpet it gives the room a more spacious feel, opt for pale wood or paler coloured laminates that will reflect light. To add a cosy touch try adding striped rugs, the stripes will elongate and visually stretch out the space.


Choose furniture with legs that’s raised off the floor. A sweeping space under sofas, beds and cupboards gives a much more airy spacious feel as you can see more floor space.

Opt for multifunctional furniture where possible, ottoman or coffee tables that have storage built into them. Work desk that can double as a dining table, or maybe a stool that’s also a lamp. Choose furniture wisely to get the maximum use out of it.

When arranging furniture don’t be tempted to push it all right back against the walls, this can make the room look closed in. Try to bring it forward or position at an angle to create space around the furniture.


Clutter looks messy, gathers dust and takes up space. If you live in a small home you really need to cut back on clutter and make sure everything has a proper home and keep it tidy. Rooms looks much more spacious if they are clean and tidy.


Choose storage that gives you space for everything that you need to put away. Be clever with how you use it, look at storage accessories like draw dividers, compartment hangers, stackable shoe boxes. If your belongings are stored away neatly, there’s less clutter and rooms look bigger.


Use mirrors to reflect light and space. Position them to achieve the maximum results for your living areas, they’re a great way to really open up a space and give an illusion of roominess.

ways to make a small home seem bigger, how to make small home bigger, how to make small room feel more spacious, home style from daisies and pie


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